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Art Is More Interesting Than Hollywood is Hiding - Secrets of San Francisco current part time arts gig is art history researcher specializing in symbols for  This photo is from my visit to the Achenbach works paper archive at the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco. The artwork is centuries old and is talking about Mary Magdalene letting out her secrets from her jar. It means when you see the image of a jar in art or architecture, Mary Magdalene is there.  (Memory glitch on the artist, sorry.)I've found Mary Magdalene holding a child, via her jar, in many images that are titled The Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus.  The virgin birth story actually came from more ancient folklore, such as Isis and Baby Horus from Egypt. The iconography is exactly the same. It was a rare honor to be able to see the works in person privately at the Achenbach. I had to make an appointment in advance and wear gloves and use a special tool to handle the works, while two museum experts sat with me. That is how precious to the world these artworks are.Alma Spreckels gathered the collections and raised the funding for the Legion of Honor Museum of Art. Alma started as an artist model and her statue as Nike stands atop the column in Union Square in downtown San Francisco.Another place to find Mary Magdalene's jar is classical and neoclassical architecture. Such as the Victorian houses called the Painted Ladies all over Haight Ashbury, San Francisco.  Haight Ashbury has been a hub fro artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, actors, and celebrities for over 100 years.  The Spreckels built a Victorian mansion, their Summer House, by Buena Vista Park in Haight Ashbury. 100 years ago the Haight had a water park and many theatres and nightclubs all with live music and performers. Alma brought famous bohemian artists and writers, and world changing dancers such as Loi Fuller, directly from Paris France during La Belle Epoque to stay at the Spreckels Summer House in Haight Ashbury.Magdalene's jar can be found on Alma's house and other Victorian mansions and houses around the Haight and San Francisco. Plus there are a lot more symbols with more lost historical secrets around SF. San Francisco has over a century long history with the Knights Templar and Masons, particularly in Haight Ashbury. There are streets named after Knights Templar Grand Masters, such as Cole St. The real Knights Templar never died out, they just got more creative. Knights Templar, Masons, were originally a military order to protect royals and are thousands of years older than the history books, Hollywood, and popular "experts" say. The Templars also have a long history of fine arts, artisans of superb skills, and sponsoring creative projects, such as Gothic cathedrals. In more modern times preserving art in museums, such as the Legion of Honor and Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.The Templars, Masons, are not a male only order, they also have women, such as Alma Spreckels and Queen Elizabeth II of the UK and members of many royal families. Alma Spreckels was a descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte of France, who was also a secret Templar.  Alma cracked the Da Vinci Code 100 years before the Movie and raised funding for multiple museums with large collections of art and artifacts specializing it in.  Yet the public don't see the amazing real history written in these creative works, because the public are brainwashed by the Hollywood version. A more recent and more famous celebrity who cracked the Da Vinci Code and made famous movies with the story coded into them was Walt Disney.  Walt Disney was a Gnostic Rosicrucian and Mason, probably a Knights Templar too. The Rosicrucians studied symbols and lost histories of the Holy Grail bloodline and belief systems of royals from ancient times. Walt Disney's original films, animations, cartoons, and fun parks are full of coded symbolism about the secret history of the Holy Grail bloodline  Disney funded the building and collections of the Rosicrucian Museum, in San Jose, Silicone Valley, California. Now a pilgrimage site for not only new agers, but for real Knights Templars, symbologists, art historians, and grandmasters of secret societies. Proof of concept for the Da Vinci Code's basic theory is in the name Rosicrucian, which means Rosy Cross or Rose Cross. The rose is another symbol for Mary Magdalene and the cross is one of the symbols for Jesus, though not for the crucifixion. The two names Rose and Cross "joined together as one" as Rosicrucian is telling us that the historical Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married, at least in secret. There is noting mystical or new age about it. It also tells us that the historical Mary Magdalene and Jesus were both very important and wealthy royals to have books and religions and temples and churches created about them for 2000 years.  Wealthy folks didn't worship nobodies, then or now. Which I think brings me to an important point and world mission for modern arts, entertainment, and media. To un-brainwash the world from fake Hollywood histories and fake news.  There is so much new research out there. If you do your research ,without bias or belief in miracles, and connect the dots, you can uncover lost histories to inspire your creative works.  Lost histories where civilization is much much older and women played a much more powerful role in world politics and world religions than we've been taught by college professors. Another notable Knights Templar artist of course is Leonardo Da Vinci. I've decoded the full version of his Last Supper Fresco, we usually only see the popular part. But the research findings are too long for this blog. At the moment it is the size now of a small book and still finding more to write about. But other creatives that from the symbolism in their works I suspect are Templars or Masons, or at least advanced Grail geeks, include: Shakespeare, William Blake, Ivan Turgenev, Omar Khayyam, Jean Cocteau, and many others throughout the millennia.Women Knights Templar or grail geek artists are harder to find and require another line of dedicated research. I do know some modern women Grail Geeks who are artists. Myself included.  Though many do the art just for themselves. I have books and books of drawings and designs and books of unpublished art history research. Also unpublished documentaries, that I produced, shot, and edited myself. My grail geek friends say it's time to write another book. This blog piece will be notes for that. Another form of art history is archeology, which finds the lost art that tells the lost history. One of my favorite long time youtube channels is New Earth by a Russian woman researcher.  Amazing super ancient megaliths from lost civilizations. Many we don't know about, because they are in Siberia and other places not in USA school books. Take a look and imagine writing a story or game or theatrical play or opera about them and shooting or staging it such amazing settings.   (Image: Arctic Henge, Raufarhöfn, Iceland, being restored.) By uniting art history with art and content creation and distribution we can expand the work of the Knights Templar.  Two of the most famous Knights Templar sayings are "For those that have eyes to see" and "The truth shall set you free."  We all now have the power of the digital screen, light is a form of fire which ancients worshipped. Concentrated light is the strongest form of hypnotic medium on the planet according to medical data. Concentrated light in the forms of Hollywood movies and television and now computer games have brainwashed the world according to the producers' imaginations and belief systems for the past 100 years. This has influenced school history books with libraries of fake news. As creatives with digital light information transmission tools we can research the truth and create beautiful ways to unbrainwash the world.  We have laptops and smart phones with search engines cameras and editing all in one.  I did my initial research on the symbols and shot and edited experimental mini docs, after my laptop was broken at the time, all from the palm of my hand. With professional production of lost history and what is really out there, palm of the hand productions can be redeveloped into epics tales of adventure and real heroes both men and women.  Some of the longest running and most watched videos are about real history and alt history, because there are so many geeks of all ages and organizations about those subjects. Your films and docs inspire them. Your work as creators sparks in people all over the world a glimmer of light of the truth that they are mystically or unexplainably called on the journey to seek and find. To set themselves free from the prison of fake news.  But you must do your research, like the rest of us seekers of truth. Connect the dots until they make sense. True stories don't have dead ends and there are no ancient aliens.The ancients and the Knights Templar have left us the stories and evidences in plain sight all over the world. I've found Holy Grail coded architecture in the most unexpected places, from Haight Ashbury San Francisco to Outback Australia.  In Australia there are beautiful coded buildings and churches, some of their details have become famous photos. Also in Outback Australia some of the old hotels used to have brothels that had lookout towers to watch for police coming to bust the place.  Local legend has it that the towers were called Magdalene towers. A tower was a symbol of the historical Mary Magdalene, but it has nothing to do with prostitution. Old Jerusalem before it was leveled by Titus had several towers that were called the towers of the Marys, Queens of Jerusalem. It tells us that Mary Magdalene was not a poor nobody prostitute at all, but a high queen of a famous ancient line, incidentally which included Cleopatra in her ancestry.The symbols that tell lost histories are not just in old art and buildings, but in new art and buildings and media as well. More recently when the artist doesn't know what the symbol is, or even that it is a symbol, let alone its meaning. The same goes for new age workshops. While a lot of gurus started off with good intentions, but when they get the taste of and need for cold hard cash, they become actors and actresses, fictional religion writers, and performance artists for hire.  Just ask their booking agents.  I know people personally who teach this rubbish, I try to explain nicely, but it's their bread and butter, so I  give up. There are thousands of lost histories of the ages that we can now research and find for ourselves. They are not fables nor folklore nor mythical Biblical or Druid or any kind of magic or miracles. They are true stories to inspire people to go above and beyond.  Epic adventures and love stories and conspiracies that lead up to today.  Enough stories for TV and Youtube ad book series to go on for years. No more writer's block. Open the door to a wealth of ideas with old fashioned research.  Creators no longer have to imagine fictional new stories or mystical hogwash to be original. Now we have the real life stories and the settings where the stories originally happened. Look no further than the truth for inspiration, storylines, and great scenery and costume designs. A blog about some more of my strange art history research is at  I've also written and published a couple of books, documentary shorts, and a beta augmented reality game series on the subject.  Art and its history is a lot more interesting and inspiring than school books and Hollywood tell us.

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Old King Cole in Haight Ashbury in Code

A virtual Holy Grail tour of just one part of the secret society Coded History in Haight Ashbury San Francisco ....

Often coded streets and artworks are hidden among other histories. For example Cole Street in Haight Ashbury. Named after Richard Cole who was by the symbols on the uniform in his photo a fully indoctrinated Mason and Knights Templar.

Richard Beverly Cole, born in Manchester, Virginia in 1829. Cole began studying medicine at the early age of 16 under Professor Benjamin Dudley of Kentucky. At age 20 Cole was in charge of the Pine Street Cholera Hospital in Philadelphia. There he oversaw more than 3,000 patients. Cole was advised for health reasons to move to California, during the "Gold Rush”.

An accomplished surgeon at age 23, Cole was San Francisco's first specialist in the new medicine of obstetrics. Cole had already performed three Cesarean sections in on the East Coast, a medical marvel at the time.   Noted for personal charm and well tailored clothes and dashing horseback riding, although he could shock men and women alike with course language.. One of San Francisco's leading after-dinner orators, a future political life beckoned and a street  named after him.

Follow the castles on the map!

From the symbols I found on and around Cole Street in Haight Ashbury San Francisco I started seeing this story emerge.  Theory, myth, or reality you can judge for yourself. 

At North end of Cole street is the old Knights Templar Ignatius church and abbey. South of that Cole street crosses part of the old Masonic cemetery.  It crosses Panhandle park as a walking path. Panhandle Park is actually the the shape of an Egyptian obelisk. Egyptian royalty were among the ancestors of the historical people the New Testament Bible focusses on. 

 As Cole Street crosses famous Haight street it forms a Z, a secret society symbol for the historical Jesus.  

I remembered from a child this nursery rhyme...

Old King Cole was a merry old soul,And a merry old soul was he;He called for his pipe, and he called for his bowl,And he called for his fiddlers three.

The ancient Old King Cole of nursery rhymes was a descendant of the historical person that the biblical literary Jesus was based upon.

Filddlers 3 being his 3 royal ancestors. 

In the middle of Cole Street, at Carl Street, are 8 Corinthian columns topping Greenman heads on a duet of Victorian/Edwardian apartment blocks. The heads have the Ionic column horns, telling us that Old King Cole was a descendant of Sarah Damaris and Joses and maybe Jesus 2. The daughter and sons of the historical Jesus and Mary Magdalene. 

He called for his bowl. A bowl or cup is an ongoing symbol for the Holy Grail in literature. It is also a symbol for a womb and bloodline. 

This tells us that  Cole and his fans knew the truth of the Holy Grail. It also tells us in a form of heraldry that he was also descendant of the historical King Cole and the historical people that the literary Biblical Jesus and Mary Magdalene were based upon. 

Mythology or history? Maybe the secret societies are not so much hiding the information, but instead protecting it in code "for those who have eyes to see."

Except from screenplay of upcoming documentary.

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A New Angle on An Old Legend

I have very different findings than most from my research. Magdalene means Great, a royal title for an imperial monarch who had influence on the world in a big way. eg. Catherine the Great. (I'm technically a royal by blood, so got some training on this stuff as a little girl.) History books and Hollywood movies were changed in the 20th century for political agenda. It only takes one generation to forget.

 There is so much crap out there that is overdone or underdone by younger folk who do not know to do the research or try it real life.  Including history books, self help commentators, new age gurus, blockchain, and politics.  I find myself hanging back and waiting for the good stuff and the truth.   Red Pill or Blue Pill?   

 The truth is written in code in classical art and design. Once you can see it, it is everywhere and it is Googleable, because it is the same history as history books, but rearranged. It also makes it hard to watch or listen to the 20th century version. Sorry, no offense meant. It's a kind of red pill or blue pill situation.  You will understand when you learn the code and the truth, no aliens or paranormal involved, just art history and some conspiracies that are still happening today. 

Grail, comes from Sangraal, Sacred Blood. It is another name for royalty.  The dish is from ritual, but that is a different story, 20th century history mixed them up.  The Grail and the Bible are not a Jewish stories, sorry, not meaning to offend, just research. That mythology was made up in the 20th century as part of a program by governments and Hollywood to make Jewish peoples expelled from Europe want to move to Palestine.  

True stories are never simple, nor do they have dead ends. The Victorian houses in the Haight may have been designed and decorated by people who didn't know the story and repeated certainly by people who don't know. But the true story of what we today call the Holy Grail was more publicly available 100 years ago. 

Back then architects mostly belonged to secret societies, such as the Masons, because that is where they networked for high paid gigs. Dan Brown was correct that the code and alt history does exist, but the story is way more complicated and longer than the Da Vinci Code. I have since completed another 2 years research and another book which fills in a lot more blanks and makes more sense. Titled Coded History Haight Ashbury by DA Hodgson, on Amazon and Blurb, and has lots of photos.

 Our school and university history books were edited and Hollywood movies censored in the 20th century. This was to make Jesus Jewish and Palestine seem like the Holy Land, so that Jewish peoples expelled from Europe would want to go there. It only takes one generation to forget. But the real expert on Holy Grail coded art and architecture was Big Alma.

 Alma Spreckels, who sponsored the Legion of Honor and other museums in San Francisco and Northern California, which are full of Holy Grail coded art. Big Alma was a total geek on this stuff and her museums, monuments, and art collections are devoted to it in code. Plus all of the other buildings and monuments Alma and friends sponsored, such as St Ignatius cathedral, which is a Knights Templar church and abby overlooking Haight Ashbury. Track the art history of each of the symbols on the Painted Ladies in Haight Ashbury and see for yourself. 

Haight Ashbury used to be home to a large Masonic cemetery and USA Knights Templar Commandery No 1. If you are into geomancy you will have fun with a compass and map and the Masonic locations and Big Alma's buildings and monuments. If you have been to Paris France you will notice that Alma's Legion of Honor collections are a miniature version of the Louvre, complete with modern glass pyramid. 

There is a code in art and architecture, it is an ancient language only used by royals. It is called Heraldry. I learned it as a little girl and about royal and religious politics, because my family are princes by blood, Church of England, and we have our own family heraldry. It gets more complicated, too much to write here.  I wrote a book on it and was taught about royal politics and symbology as a child.

Dan Brown is correct in that the code and alt history exist and that it takes an art historian to crack it. For example: The arch is a symbol for a few things. One of the sons of the historical people that JC and MM in the Bible were based upon, I think the eldest. Also the tomb of the historical JC, and it is not in the Middle East.

As for my research being blasphemous.  I come from a family who has built churches for many centuries and a great uncle was Queen Elizabeth II's favorite priest. First Commandment "For I am a jealous God. Thou shalt worship no other God before me." Which is telling us in no uncertain words that the worship of anybody else as God, including Jesus Christ, is blasphemous. 

Plus the letter J was not invented until the 15th century. Research the history of the translations and printings of the Bible. New web site with social media discussion groups, so you can debate it with other researchers, and some free augmented reality games to learn the code ;-)

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Decoding Secrets in Design But You May Not Like It

 Coded History Haight Ashbury by DA Hodgson
A new photo book about the Painted Ladies of Haight Ashbury has recently been released on Amazon and some people may not like it. 

Coded History Haight Ashbury is by Australian art historian DA Hodgson who has been a full time resident of Haight Ashbury since 1999.  What DA Hodgson has found coded into the symbols and architecture of the Victorian and Edwardian houses, apartment blocks, and mansions is a language only known by high ranking members of certain secret societies. 

What the language of the Painted Ladies tells us is a different history of the world to what we have been taught in schools and by Hollywood for the past 100 years.  An alternative history where people who we were told were myths and legends with super powers were actually real people with DIY technology. 

What some people may not like is the different version of history. An alternative history where Jesus and Mary Magdalene were not Jewish, nor poor, and the Knights Templar where not wiped out and may have come to Haight Ashbury 700 years ago.

Coded History Haight Ashbury also features really interesting info about Big Alma and her contributions to San Francisco’s coded library in her art museums and collections. It turns out that Big Alma was also an expert on secret society coded languages and the secrets they hold. As were many intellectuals of the La Belle Epoque over 100 years ago. 

Coded Haight Ashbury a big beautiful book of 8 by 10 inch pages with full color photos on every page turn.  Plus a series of free augmented reality games for gamers with an augmented reality tour of Haight Ashbury Painted Ladies.  Take the book for a walk around Victorian and classical art and architecture for a totally immersive experience. 

A delight for any fan of Victorian and Edward architecture, classical art and design, secret societies, San Francisco history, Knightfall, the Holy Grail Bloodline, and the Da Vinci Code.  You will never see Haight Ashbury, San Francisco, history or mythology or design in the same way after reading Coded History Haight Ashbury by DA Hodgson

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Cryptocurrency for Role Play Games

What other uses do cryptocurrencies have? Cryptocurrencies are not just another form of money.  Because they are a digital contract they can be used for agreements between two parties.  For examples employment contract or real estate escrow or international financial services and crowd funding.  As new forms of business evolve in the digital world so will the need for different kinds of digital contracts and digital currency functionality.  Coded History's cryptocurrency combined with role play game infrastructure puts Coded History in a position to take on the future with free reign for innovative development.

Coded History Coin/Token Functionality:

  • Transferable Assets
  • Game Currency for Role Play
  • Escrow for real world transactions.
  • Contracts for business and other agreements.
  • International finance transfers. 
  • Private financial transactions.
  • Promoting real world causes. 
  • Cause fund raising.
  • Crowd funding. 
  • Venture capital.
  • Privacy

What is a currency?
A currency is something that two or more parties agree to the value of and trade according to that agreed value.  There does not need to be any form of central regulation, providing that all involved parties agree to the value and parameters of the transactions.

How can a deregulated currency help people?
In cultures where for example women ownership or women’s ability to do business is limited a deregulated currency can dissolve barriers that prevent women from improving their lives.   Even in so-called First World countries such as the USA and in the tech industry being a woman has limitations.  A deregulated currency and contract system that doesn’t judge where accounts are from will alleviate this.   “The strength of the Ethereum platform is that the decentralized organization and the escrow contract do not need to care about what kind of account each party to the contract is.” Page 14  Ethereum White Paper

How can a cryptocurrency be used within a game ecosphere?
A cryptocurrency within a role play game ecosphere can be used like a normal fiat currency, except that your identity is protected.  People have products or services for sale and use the cryptocurrency to receive payment and use their role play characters for identity.

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Great Art of Light and Shadow

Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae  - The Great Art of Light and Shadow

Image recently sent to me by a modern Cathari for decoding. 

Frontispiece: 'Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae'
"Angels form an arc under the central light, which is YHWH, the Hebrew letters for God. Daylight is the source of direct light, refracted light, and light reflected by night (on right). Divine authority, a hand writing a book that absorbs light directly from the source of all light, oversees the daylight, and it is a little higher than Reason, the hand writing a book above the night, which receives a more modest eye's light. Below daylight is Profane Authority, which receives only a lantern's light; below Reason is Sense, which points to an image produced by a telescope. Emperor Ferdinand enters the picture as one of Kircher's patrons." Jesuit Magazine

 Some of the symbols are astrological, star signs, which is a code to decode the Bible and some of the timelines. It can also decode to people in history books, such as early saints and families, and locations for cartographers.

The woman is Mary Magdalene his spouse. She is depicted as Venus Diana to his Apollo Endymion.  In the reflection symbology I think it is saying that some of her actions were attributed to Jesus. For example the water into wine trick would have been from ewers owned by her family.  The actual ewers are recorded in history, like a beacon saying here is the truth if you dare to look at it. 

The letter V hidden in a cave under Mary Magdalene in a cave, alluding to a grave. But also the letter V is for Veronica and her veil. Veronica being another name for the historical Mary Magdalene. Royals who are active monarchs have multiple names, according to different titles they inherit.  A veil itself has multiple meanings of secrecy, things being hidden, and religious of "taking the veil", being a nun or temple priestess. 

 It is also saying that the true identity of Jesus is hidden or will be hidden in the future.  More people knew the truth before mid-20th century.  The trick is to forget about the Jewish part, that was only for political ritual, they were not actually Jewish.   It is family culture that outsiders can't know or understand unless they are part of that family and culture.  

I think the overall message is the First Commandment of the Bible.  The work’s title, “The Great Art of Light and Shadow”, alluding to false gods. 

At the top is the “Word of God” with angels look up up at it.  It’s location at the top is to do with the First Commandment “Thou shall worship no other gods before me.”   It means that Jesus and the saints are “other gods” and to worship them breaks the First Commandment.  This is what the Church of England’s splitting from the Catholic Church was about.  

This is also why Jesus and Mary Magdalene are depicted below the “Word of God”, in this image . The are being depicted as “Other gods. This is not to worship them, but to put them into context of “Other gods” and God as God.  In a round about way it is saying that Jesus was just a mortal man and his godhood was a myth created by mortals. 

The angels looking up at the “Word of God” is saying that old world royals know the truth. Old world royals are the angels of the Bible. They were once all deified and greatly revered as mythical like and the Bible stories are folklore based on that. The wings are a new age addition, because of a misinterpretation of symbols.. 

Underneath the feet of Jesus is a double eagle and Mary Magdalene a double peacock.  These are symbols of imperial royalty in the West and the East, their older meanings are lightening bolts, AKA standing on power.   This depiction is saying that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were both emperors of equal rank in power, her’s maybe more.  They ruled multiple countries and Mary Magdalene in particular had vast resources to work with. 

Mary Magdalene is in the shadows and reflecting the light of her stars to Jesus, saying that she was behind Jesus’s deification.    The historical Mary Magdalene was wealthier and ruled more territories than the historical Jesus. Mary Magdalene’s wedding dowery was in gold and silks worth billions of dollars by 21st century standards.  As a multi-trillionaire from the gold and farming of whole countries Magdalene was able to sponsor temples and priests to deify her family and loved ones. As was imperial tradition back then.  Mary Magdalene anointing Jesus in the Bible and her jar of expensive oil represent her sponsoring his deification. 

Mary Magdalene is covered in stars and the Egyptian Goddess Isis is Goddess of the stars, relating Mary Magdalene to Egypt, who deified their rulers as avatars of earlier royals who were deified.  This is how we can tell the woman in the image is Mary Magdalene.  In modern day we call deification giving somebody a “sainthood”, making them a saint that people dedicate churches to.  This is dates back to imperialistic ancestor worship and deification of royalty.  Which can be interpreted as worshipping “Other gods” before God and breaking the First Commandment. 

This Ars Magna is a very interesting image, it’s also saying Jesus was a Roman citizen and married and the stories about him are reflections of stories of gods and goddesses through the ages.  If you zoom out you will see a cross made from the reflected light, it's a clue to both the name of the historical person the Biblical Jesus is based upon and crosses out the mythology. 

In the background in the Roman gardens is an arch, another clue to the historical Jesus and the whereabouts of his actual tomb. Plus a symbol for one of his sons with the historical Mary Magdalene.

I’d be interested to find out more about the symbols on Jesus' feet.  They are familiar, but can't quite place them. If anybody would like to contribute please comment.  

And reminder of my new book Coded History Haight Ashbury, a kind of advanced workshop course on decoding symbols and the Holy Grail story,  out now click here

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Knightfall and Mary Magdalene Rehash Or Keeping a Dream Alive?

The recently release TV show KnightFall and the upcoming movie Mary Magdalene look like fun fiction. Yet they are rehashing the same fiction for the past 80 years over and over, and with low budget productions. Why they do this is to keep an ancient dream alive, to find out who the historical Mary Magdalene and Jesus really were.
In the recent few years multiple researchers are finding that the historical Mary Magdalene and Jesus were far more interesting. They were real royals and didn’t dress in rags at all, nor were they Jewish. See book Coded History Haight Ashbury at It is well recorded that the Bible and Christianity is promoted by royals and most priests up to the 19th century were royals. Royals didn’t worship or revere poor Jewish nobodies, ever. But they did revere and deify high royals, such as people who were monarchs of multiple countries, emperors and pharaohs and their families. It was just how religions did things back then.
How did a high royal queen or empress get watered down to a prostitute in rags? There was a form of sacred prostitution 2000 years ago, only for royal women, long story see book. Since then people have confused God and the Goddess and Greek and other Gods with deified royals, and there has been a lot of politics, which has censored and rewritten our school history books and Bibles to make things more confusing. It only takes one generation to forget and a wonderful real history turns into folklore about the Holy Grail and Knights Templar.
I hope the new Knights Templar series Knightfall will write in some of the new stories coming to light, such as the regiment that came to San Francisco around 700 years ago. They never were disbanded, they just changed countries and kept going on secret missions for rulers of various countries. This particular Knights Templar regiment's emblem was the bear and California's state emblem is the bear. Also coincidence or not the Knights Templar Commandery No 1 was originally in Haight Ashbury. Also Sir Francis Drake and Christopher Columbus were both Knights Templar, which would explain how they got the maps to the America's. 
I am an art and design historian and have tracked symbols in art and architecture and Victorian Houses to people in the Bible with surprising results. They were not the people that popular media and religion tell us. Maybe knowing that can strengthen our faith in God and ourselves.
DA Hodgson
Haight Ashbury
San Francisco