Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Cryptocurrency for Role Play Games

What other uses do cryptocurrencies have? Cryptocurrencies are not just another form of money.  Because they are a digital contract they can be used for agreements between two parties.  For examples employment contract or real estate escrow or international financial services and crowd funding.  As new forms of business evolve in the digital world so will the need for different kinds of digital contracts and digital currency functionality.  Coded History's cryptocurrency combined with role play game infrastructure puts Coded History in a position to take on the future with free reign for innovative development.

Coded History Coin/Token Functionality:

  • Transferable Assets
  • Game Currency for Role Play
  • Escrow for real world transactions.
  • Contracts for business and other agreements.
  • International finance transfers. 
  • Private financial transactions.
  • Promoting real world causes. 
  • Cause fund raising.
  • Crowd funding. 
  • Venture capital.
  • Privacy

What is a currency?
A currency is something that two or more parties agree to the value of and trade according to that agreed value.  There does not need to be any form of central regulation, providing that all involved parties agree to the value and parameters of the transactions.

How can a deregulated currency help people?
In cultures where for example women ownership or women’s ability to do business is limited a deregulated currency can dissolve barriers that prevent women from improving their lives.   Even in so-called First World countries such as the USA and in the tech industry being a woman has limitations.  A deregulated currency and contract system that doesn’t judge where accounts are from will alleviate this.   “The strength of the Ethereum platform is that the decentralized organization and the escrow contract do not need to care about what kind of account each party to the contract is.” Page 14  Ethereum White Paper ethereum.org

How can a cryptocurrency be used within a game ecosphere?
A cryptocurrency within a role play game ecosphere can be used like a normal fiat currency, except that your identity is protected.  People have products or services for sale and use the cryptocurrency to receive payment and use their role play characters for identity.

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Friday, January 5, 2018

Great Art of Light and Shadow

Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae  - The Great Art of Light and Shadow

Image recently sent to me by a modern Cathari for decoding. 

Frontispiece: 'Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae'
"Angels form an arc under the central light, which is YHWH, the Hebrew letters for God. Daylight is the source of direct light, refracted light, and light reflected by night (on right). Divine authority, a hand writing a book that absorbs light directly from the source of all light, oversees the daylight, and it is a little higher than Reason, the hand writing a book above the night, which receives a more modest eye's light. Below daylight is Profane Authority, which receives only a lantern's light; below Reason is Sense, which points to an image produced by a telescope. Emperor Ferdinand enters the picture as one of Kircher's patrons." companymagazine.org Jesuit Magazine

 Some of the symbols are astrological, star signs, which is a code to decode the Bible and some of the timelines. It can also decode to people in history books, such as early saints and families, and locations for cartographers.

The woman is Mary Magdalene his spouse. She is depicted as Venus Diana to his Apollo Endymion.  In the reflection symbology I think it is saying that some of her actions were attributed to Jesus. For example the water into wine trick would have been from ewers owned by her family.  The actual ewers are recorded in history, like a beacon saying here is the truth if you dare to look at it. 

The letter V hidden in a cave under Mary Magdalene in a cave, alluding to a grave. But also the letter V is for Veronica and her veil. Veronica being another name for the historical Mary Magdalene. Royals who are active monarchs have multiple names, according to different titles they inherit.  A veil itself has multiple meanings of secrecy, things being hidden, and religious of "taking the veil", being a nun or temple priestess. 

 It is also saying that the true identity of Jesus is hidden or will be hidden in the future.  More people knew the truth before mid-20th century.  The trick is to forget about the Jewish part, that was only for political ritual, they were not actually Jewish.   It is family culture that outsiders can't know or understand unless they are part of that family and culture.  

I think the overall message is the First Commandment of the Bible.  The work’s title, “The Great Art of Light and Shadow”, alluding to false gods. 

At the top is the “Word of God” with angels look up up at it.  It’s location at the top is to do with the First Commandment “Thou shall worship no other gods before me.”   It means that Jesus and the saints are “other gods” and to worship them breaks the First Commandment.  This is what the Church of England’s splitting from the Catholic Church was about.  

This is also why Jesus and Mary Magdalene are depicted below the “Word of God”, in this image . The are being depicted as “Other gods. This is not to worship them, but to put them into context of “Other gods” and God as God.  In a round about way it is saying that Jesus was just a mortal man and his godhood was a myth created by mortals. 

The angels looking up at the “Word of God” is saying that old world royals know the truth. Old world royals are the angels of the Bible. They were once all deified and greatly revered as mythical like and the Bible stories are folklore based on that. The wings are a new age addition, because of a misinterpretation of symbols.. 

Underneath the feet of Jesus is a double eagle and Mary Magdalene a double peacock.  These are symbols of imperial royalty in the West and the East, their older meanings are lightening bolts, AKA standing on power.   This depiction is saying that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were both emperors of equal rank in power, her’s maybe more.  They ruled multiple countries and Mary Magdalene in particular had vast resources to work with. 

Mary Magdalene is in the shadows and reflecting the light of her stars to Jesus, saying that she was behind Jesus’s deification.    The historical Mary Magdalene was wealthier and ruled more territories than the historical Jesus. Mary Magdalene’s wedding dowery was in gold and silks worth billions of dollars by 21st century standards.  As a multi-trillionaire from the gold and farming of whole countries Magdalene was able to sponsor temples and priests to deify her family and loved ones. As was imperial tradition back then.  Mary Magdalene anointing Jesus in the Bible and her jar of expensive oil represent her sponsoring his deification. 

Mary Magdalene is covered in stars and the Egyptian Goddess Isis is Goddess of the stars, relating Mary Magdalene to Egypt, who deified their rulers as avatars of earlier royals who were deified.  This is how we can tell the woman in the image is Mary Magdalene.  In modern day we call deification giving somebody a “sainthood”, making them a saint that people dedicate churches to.  This is dates back to imperialistic ancestor worship and deification of royalty.  Which can be interpreted as worshipping “Other gods” before God and breaking the First Commandment. 

This Ars Magna is a very interesting image, it’s also saying Jesus was a Roman citizen and married and the stories about him are reflections of stories of gods and goddesses through the ages.  If you zoom out you will see a cross made from the reflected light, it's a clue to both the name of the historical person the Biblical Jesus is based upon and crosses out the mythology. 

In the background in the Roman gardens is an arch, another clue to the historical Jesus and the whereabouts of his actual tomb. Plus a symbol for one of his sons with the historical Mary Magdalene.

I’d be interested to find out more about the symbols on Jesus' feet.  They are familiar, but can't quite place them. If anybody would like to contribute please comment.  

And reminder of my new book Coded History Haight Ashbury, a kind of advanced workshop course on decoding symbols and the Holy Grail story,  out now click here http://www.blurb.com/b/8374797-coded-history-haight-ashbury

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Knightfall and Mary Magdalene Rehash Or Keeping a Dream Alive?

The recently release TV show KnightFall and the upcoming movie Mary Magdalene look like fun fiction. Yet they are rehashing the same fiction for the past 80 years over and over, and with low budget productions. Why they do this is to keep an ancient dream alive, to find out who the historical Mary Magdalene and Jesus really were.
In the recent few years multiple researchers are finding that the historical Mary Magdalene and Jesus were far more interesting. They were real royals and didn’t dress in rags at all, nor were they Jewish. See book Coded History Haight Ashbury at CodedHistory.com. It is well recorded that the Bible and Christianity is promoted by royals and most priests up to the 19th century were royals. Royals didn’t worship or revere poor Jewish nobodies, ever. But they did revere and deify high royals, such as people who were monarchs of multiple countries, emperors and pharaohs and their families. It was just how religions did things back then.
How did a high royal queen or empress get watered down to a prostitute in rags? There was a form of sacred prostitution 2000 years ago, only for royal women, long story see book. Since then people have confused God and the Goddess and Greek and other Gods with deified royals, and there has been a lot of politics, which has censored and rewritten our school history books and Bibles to make things more confusing. It only takes one generation to forget and a wonderful real history turns into folklore about the Holy Grail and Knights Templar.
I hope the new Knights Templar series Knightfall will write in some of the new stories coming to light, such as the regiment that came to San Francisco around 700 years ago. They never were disbanded, they just changed countries and kept going on secret missions for rulers of various countries. This particular Knights Templar regiment's emblem was the bear and California's state emblem is the bear. Also coincidence or not the Knights Templar Commandery No 1 was originally in Haight Ashbury. Also Sir Francis Drake and Christopher Columbus were both Knights Templar, which would explain how they got the maps to the America's. 
I am an art and design historian and have tracked symbols in art and architecture and Victorian Houses to people in the Bible with surprising results. They were not the people that popular media and religion tell us. Maybe knowing that can strengthen our faith in God and ourselves.
DA Hodgson
Haight Ashbury
San Francisco

Friday, December 1, 2017

Coded History Haight Ashbury Book Published & Fan Discount Coupon

Super excited!!! After years of research, writing, rewriting and editing and photos Coded History Haight Ashbury is finally finished and published.  A secret coded in Victorian architecture telling the secrets of the Holy Grail. 


CodedHistory.comCoded History Haight Ashbury is a code book about symbols in art and architecture in Haight Ashbury and the Legion of Honor Museum of Art in San Francisco.  The symbols tell the real identities of the historical people that literary Jesus and Mary Magdalene of the Bible were based upon.  It also tells the identities of their children and descendants and how to track them in history to present day. 

Coded History Haight Ashbury is researched, authored, and photographed by Australian art historian and blood royal descendant DA Hodgson.  “There is a symbolic code we learn the basics of as children, it is called heraldry. As I grew up my observations and art history study increased to turn it into a language alike to Egyptian hieroglyphs.  Add that to insider knowledge about royal family traditions and a different version of history to the mainstream emerges. A version of history that puts Jesus and God into a more reality based perspective.” 
The information is from art history research, as well as genealogical research from real royals who are descendants, and royal family insider traditions and family history research.    The information goes against the mainstream movies and Sunday School Bible history and is very controversial, but it is family history and art history that can be tracked, not scholars’ theory or Da Vinci Code fan fiction. 

Coded History Haight Ashbury is also a fabulous travel photo album of the whimsical Victorian houses in the infamous Haight Ashbury neighborhood where the Summer of Love was revolutionized and the USA Knights Templar Commandery No. 1 was located.   Haight Ashbury's own Da Vinci Code built into the local architecture and streets. 

Over the last 2 decades more Victorians have been renovated to bring out their original ornate beauty and secret symbolic code celebrating the Sacred Feminine.  The decodings of each symbol not only build a story of the historical Jesus and Mary Magdalene and their children and descendants.  

CodedHistory.comCoded History Haight Ashbury decodes, myth-busts, explains, and puts into perspective many popular fairytales and folklore throughout the ages, such as Halloween pumpkins, black cats, angels, laughing skulls, Goddess worship, and more.

252 Pages and 8 inches wide by 10 inches high with big beautiful color photos throughout. The book is a delight to read or to just browse through the original images of Victorian architecture and leafy character filled streets of Haight Ashbury and La Belle Epoque art.  

Due to it’s size and publishing costs and many of my fans and fellow Grail being geek researchers and students, plus many friends have been through bush fires, hurricanes, and other disasters recently, I googled some discount coupons to Thank You for your support and to say Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays…

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New Book Soon to be Released

I just ordered the test print of my new book Coded History Haight Ashbury. 348 pages with lots of beautiful full color photos and 7 years research telling the real identities of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and their children and descendants, also how to track them with symbols on the Victorian Painted Ladies of Haight Ashbury San Francisco. A year's worth of Holy Grail and Da Vinci Code mysteries workshops in one book. Will be available through Ingram and Blurb and http://CodedHistory.com

Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween & The Holy Grail

Chapter excerpt from my upcoming book on Holy Grail coded art and architecture of San Francisco, which I’ve been working on the past few years.  Should be ready for publishing and available through Ingram before Christmas. 

A little known art history fact is that most of the symbolism for Halloween comes from the stories, legends, lore, and traditions surrounding Bran the Blessed and the Green Man and the Holy Grail, the real descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

One of the symbols of the Green Man is a skull with foliage coming out of its mouth. This is Bran the Blessed, a descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Bran knew he was dying after receiving a lethal wound from a poisoned spear in the foot. He ordered his followers to cut off his head and hide it on a secret island or the Tower of London, also known as the White Tower, where legend says the spirit of Bran the Blessed expounds wisdom to this day.   This is where the laughing talking skull of Halloween and Horror movies comes from. 

From satellite images we can see that the Tower of London used to have a wide moat around
it, now grassland, in a u-shape that used to connect to the River Thames.  This would have made the Tower of London, or White Tower, a stand alone island in it’s own right.  My theory about Bran the Blessed’s skull that the skull expounding wisdom for centuries to this day is an allegory for the multiple generations of Bran the Blessed, his descendants. 

Haight Ashbury’s own skull symbol is an album cover and logo for the infamous Haight Ashbury blues folk band the Grateful Dead. The album is Steal Your Face, released in 1974 AD, artist Owsley Stanley.  The skull features a lightening bolt down it’s middle, the lighting bolt being one of the symbols of Jesus Christ and ancient royalty.  The color scheme is blue and red, both symbolic colors of royal bloodlines. If by design or happy accident the Dead’s “Lightening Skull” weaves its own way into the fabric of Haight Ashbury’s multidimensional coded Holy Grail history book.  

Another symbol for Bran the Blessed is the raven, also a Halloween symbol.  The word for Raven in Welsh is Bran.  Bran the Blessed and his family used Ravens as messengers.  Ravens are still kept at the Tower of London to this day as a good luck talisman of Bran the Blessed and his family.  The Tower of London tradition goes that if the ravens were ever to leave then Britain would fall to invaders from without. The ravens’ nests are well kept and their wings are consequently regularly clipped, so they can never fly away.

One of the curious stories of Bran the Blessed is of his Magic Cauldron, another Halloween symbol, which was sought by King Arthur in the famous Welsh poem "Spoils of the Annwfn".  King Arthur journeys to the Celtic Otherworld and successfully retrieves the cauldron, but only seven of his battalion of men survive.  The magic cauldron was later reinvented in literature as the Holy Grail and the cup of plenty or cornucopia, which can be found in mythology across the globe. 

The Knights Templars’ view of history and the people in the Bible is so different from mainstream USA, that their information can be a contentious issue with some people and institutions. This is why the Holy Grail mysteries have been put on the Mythology shelf in the back corner of the paranormal section with the UFOs and Halloween. Yet the truth will out and audiences around the world for more than 1500 years have never stopped loving a well told Holy Grail story.

Yet another Halloween symbol the pumpkin represents Bran’s magical head which kept expounding wisdom and warnings to generations after Bran’s death to this day.   Bran’s magic head or skull is a representation of the Green Man. The Jacolantern is the pumpkin head with lights in it. Light is symbolic of wisdom and enlightenment, or information and education, an allegory for the secret histories that the pumpkin head and Green Man represents.  

The Black Cat is symbolic of Saint Helen, the mother of Constantine who founded the Catholic Church as we know it in 325 A.D. at the Council of Nicea.  One of the temples had a sever snake problem, so Helen imported a dozen cats from Egypt. Those cats are the ancestors of Turkey's famous cat population today.  When the Catholic Church excommunicated the Knight's Templar, Pope Gregory the IX also deemed cats to be demons.  This was not out of superstition, but rather due to a plague, which was spread by the fleas which lived on cats.  Uneducated people listened more to superstition than logic back then as today. 

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The Rose Line - Book Excerpt - New Chapter

My grandmother and stepmother were avid gardeners, which got my sister and I interested in gardening. While staying with my sister in Outback Australia recently we did some rose gardening together. My sister’s avid rose gardening is locally famous and we decided to propagate some new roses for my sister’s motor inn, The Starline Motor Inn in Miles, Queensland.

Propagating roses was a new learning experience for me and an eye opener symbolically.   To trim a rose stalk for replanting - count 5 nodes down and cut on a 45 degree angle.  The rose and the number five are connected to Mary Magdalene and to secret societies. 

Five is also the number of points in a classical star and pentagram, which represents the star Venus.   A Biblical Flood ancestor of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Venus was deified as a Goddess, ancient saint, for her efforts to repopulate humanity after the Biblical Flood. 

The number 45 is also coded in allegory. 4 plus 5 equals 9, which is 3 times 3.  The number 3 represents the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost  Three is also the number of children Mary Magdalene had with Jesus, 2 sons and a daughter.  

The rose is probably the most enigmatic of flowers in literature, usually full of symbolism of love and romance, but also an important symbol in the Holy Grail legends.   The rose is one of the symbols of Mary Magdalene and there is some reality and some fiction to the connection. 

"I am the Rose of Sharon, and the Lily of the Valley;
As the lily among the thorns, so is my love among the daughters;
As the apple tree, the apple tree among the trees of the wood,
So is my beloved among the sons,”
First published in English in 1611 in the King James Version of the Bible, Song of Songs, chapter 2, verse 1. Words of the Beloved, aka the words spoken to Jesus by Mary Magdalene. 

In this except from the Bible’s New Testament we see the apple, which is a symbol for ancient England, because that is where apples original come from. The apple is a species of rose. This opens up a whole lot of other research wanderings about where Eden really was and different ways to find it, but that’s in another chapter.   The words also talk about Mary Magdalene having daughters and sons or descendants. 

The rose of Mary Magdalene symbology is often connected to tears, though not the tears of Mary Magdalene as popularly believed, but the tears of later saints. Saints are often martyrs and usually supposed to be descended from the Rose line, the children of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. At least in the early centuries of Christianity they were, which is a Vatican secret.  Now sainthoods are given to anybody, due to public pressure from a public who is uneducated on what or who saints really are.

The "Rose Line” of the French Holy Grail legends is the bloodline of Jesus Christ with Mary Magdalene.  Through the centuries this previously publicly recognized bloodline has come to produce some famous French Crusader kings.  King Baldwin I was one of the leaders of the Crusades then chosen to be king of Jerusalem after his brother of Godfrey de Bouillon died.  After Baldwin passed away in 1118 AD, another third brother, Eustace III, was elected to be king, but usurped by their nephew, Baldwin ii, with the aid of Crusader knights. 

One version of the rose and Mary Magdalene connection is possibly because some of Mary Magdalene’s ancient ancestry is in England. The official flower of England has been the rose at least since the “War of the Roses” in the 1400s AD.   The War of the roses was between two lines of royal descendants from Mary Magdalene and Jesus.  The Tudor rose can be seen today in classical architecture and furniture motifs. 

In the faith I was brought up in, Church of England a very ancient royal church, praying to an idol or avatar or anybody but God is sacrilegious. So delving into saints has been a bit more objective for me than for a person of Catholic faith. The first ever Christian church was founded in England by Joses, one of the sons of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, along with Joseph of Arimathea.  From a French royal secret society source, for another chapter.

The Rose of the Magdalene is also called “The Rose of Israel” and “The Rose of Jerusalem”.  This is because the historical Mary Magdalene was a royal in the region now called Jerusalem, and Jewish by politics only and not Jewish by ancestry or upbringing.  The Jewish recasting and reinterpretation of the Bible is a very modern work, since around WWI. It was to politically ease-in the annexing of Palestine for the Zionist movement. Most publishing houses at that time were also owned by people of Jewish faith.  It only takes one generation to forget.

Generational forgetting can have dire consequences.  Rather than a reality based faith and just believe in God we have faith based on   fantasies, which has led people to create more fantasies and faiths based on those.  The people don’t know what is reality, making the people vulnerable to fantasy faiths taking advantage of them. This also makes people helpless, frozen in a yoga position fearing to move.  They believe that some entity will fix everything or UFO will beam them up, or the “vibes” or another person is sabotaging them.  Instead of getting off the meditation mat and fixing the problem themselves.

In Walt Disney's animation of Sleeping Beauty we see a lot of rose symbology, as well as the analogy of the Sleeper Awakening. Walt was a member of a Rosicrucian order, the Ancient Mystical Order of the Rosae Crusis, AKA the Order of the Rose Cross.  What some call an occult secret society, but in reality are keepers of ancient lost histories. 

More fiction to note is Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and it’s Rose Line - to quote Wikipedia - “Rose Line is a fictional name given to the Paris Meridian and to the sunlight line defining the exact time of Easter on the Gnomon of Saint-Sulpice, marked by a brass strip on the floor of the church, where the two are conflated, by Dan Brown in his 2003 novel The Da Vinci Code.[1] Brown based this on material found in the Priory of Sion documents of the 1960s, where neither the Zero Meridian nor the sunlight line in St Sulpice are called Rose Line.”

The reality is that God is God and anybody else is a fantasy avatar created from royal customs and literary constructs. The rose is telling us that Mary Magdalene and Jesus and others we today call “Gods and Goddesses” were all once real living people.  They were deified as God avatars, because they were high ranking royals, not because they were actually from other worlds or had superpowers. Poor Jewish nobodies were not deified or revered, especially not by Roman and European Imperial royalty for centuries on end.  For that matter Jesus and Mary Magdalene are not revered by people of Jewish faith either.

Because of the French and Russian Revolutions and more recent wars, a lot of history got lost and people in generational post traumatic stress stopped believing in reality.  Real royals living in palaces with ministers to do their bidding became people living in mud huts and rags with winged angel beings flying around them.  People imaging they are Jesus or Mary Magdalene and taking other people’s money for it or letting life slide.

No political or religious side is right or wrong in these issues, because all have been sleeping in a mist of generational forgetfulness. Only when they wake up and remember reality will they be able to make wise choices for the good of all the world.

The rose, to me, tells us to remember reality and deal with life. 

Photo shot in Haight Ashbury San Francisco, September 2017 Pink represents the heart chakra in Hindu mysticism. To remember our heart.

Text and photo by Deborah Hodgson, October 2017

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