Friday, March 20, 2015

Jesus Visits His Mother Decades After the Crucifixion

The artist has used color as the code cypher Jesus and his friends are young in the Garden, In the Dormition of the Virgin, they are older.  The artist is saying that Jesus is visiting his mother when she is dying of old age, decades after escaping the crucifixion. 

I looked again at a high res copy.(Please note these are only rough interpretations) In Dormition - The person holding the palm has no beard, so might be a woman, using traditional standards. In that case it would Sarah Damaris. This makes more sense in my findings, but these are only my theories. Damaris is noted in the Bible, also recorded in letters as married to a high judge or king; served in the church, at a time when only high royal women could; and martyred in Greece in her early twenties.

Also in the background behind Sarah is an older person with grey hair and angry face and a younger man staring at the back of Sarah's head like he is annoyed with her. Maybe there was some kind of plot against Sarah, as she was a high royal and martyred. Royals seem to have been targets of assassination and persecution for millennia longer than the Jewish peoples, ironically. The other two brothers are in the background on the other side, to the viewer’s right, by the bed, almost hidden, like they are in historical records today.

The cup would have wine in it for ritual mass, instead of sacrificing an animal. Grapes represent a royal bloodline in coded art works. Bread represents the ancient wheat fields of Jesus' ancestors. "Drink of my blood, eat of my body" The bloodline as a single entity, past, present, and future etc.

The red velvet hood tilts to the left, stage left, towards the hidden princes, Jesus and Mary Magdalene's sons and Mary's grandchildren. One stands under and arch, the symbol for one of their sons. The red velvet holds two head size balls, so maybe the other son was also martyred by beheading as with the daughter. Very sad. But also symbolic, as only respected high born royals were executed by beheading in that era.

The Dormition of the Virgin and Jesus in the Garden. Painted 1500, AD. From a private collection, sold at Sotherby's. Artist is FOLLOWER OF JAN BAEGERT (FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE MASTER OF KAPPENBERG) ... 

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Speaking of beheading, did you know that Islamic law prevents Muslim people from harming Christians? You can look it up. The videos of so-called Islamic extremists killing Christians by beheading are fake, created by corporations who have vested interest in war. 500 Years ago the profit Mohamed forbade Muslims to harm Christians. Also symbolically in Islam beheading is the death of a King or Queen, not a thief or heretic. Have you ever noticed the underlying Hollywood or corporate polish on the so-called extremist videos?  Please have some faith in your fellow everyday human beings, parents with children, of every religion. 

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