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Grand Master in Sacred Knowledge and Sensual Art

By Akseli Gallen-Kallela,1888, Finland. Akseli Gallen-Kallela was an initiated Grand Master and considered the Grand Master of Finish art. These are tidied up excerpts from my discussion group, Sangraal Truth, on FB. 

Guest interpretation by Ivelin Ivanov - Researcher
“This is a classical Steganography cartouche of a married couple she is visible and he is anonymous which means that she will choose him. No one will recognized him before she pointed him. 
The coded message is:
She is a half human, She is a senior member of her community.
She comes from the octahedron-shaped star(Beehive) which is seen at sunrise.
They both have blood relation with each other through the Umaydzhan (have ancestors Amazons). Her ancestors left the Earth with one of the two Swans(Bees or Lilies) that are flown away to the stars. His ancestors have remained on the third Swan that is left on the Earth.
He is the seventeenth of the thirteenth bloodline after the fall. And they will meet or marry 782 years after the fall.
They will have divine children.

This is an old prophecy.
The artist is definitely Mason but not desposyni because he did not thoroughly familiar with the Bactrian cipher.”

What Ivelin is talking about is a very ancient Indo Aryan Arabic cypher, where shapes represent numbers that represent letters of an alphabet or symbols for allegorical stories. A "for dummies" variation of the cypher, explained to children at Hogwarts, it's very cute... 

With symbology we can read many stories in the painting, like a book. The skill of Akseli Gallen-Kallela as and artist and in encoded symbols is outstanding. This painting is a book in symbols. From what I can first see it talks about Mary Magdalene and Jesus and the real Holy Grail.  It talks about the Sacred Marriage, Hireo Gamos, and sacred royal couple in Christian mysticism, Christian tantra. John the Baptist being lost to the world, chalice a sacred relic, pillar a bloodline, Song of Songs in the Bible, India connections to Jesus, and identities that have been skewed. I posted it our Sangraal Truth discussion group on Facebook and the resident Essene Masonic Grand Master from France said it is full of secrets even she couldn't say publicly. 

One could see the 1782 as a date, but the other symbols in the image are very strongly saying other things. Lilies, skull, grail cup, V, pillar, bare breasts, etc. Each individually have deep meanings and stories, so when grouped the whole painting is a book and each symbol a chapter. Note, this is how I see art works, because this is how I've channelled my research when I see symbols such as these.

"What's the message?" it's a bit like the question "Whom doth the Grail serve". By tradition we are to find the answers ourselves through research and study and the process of the quest brings us to enlightenment in a way. Which is researching every different kind of symbolic meaning of every object in the painting. But it's not all magic and fun stuff, there's some very heavy history and stuff still going on to this day.  Some of the information is so heavy that once you learn what it is you immediately understand why it's not talked about. You may even want to hide under your bed for a while. It can send sane people insane and insane people sane. The long haul research and study, I believe is to prepare us to learn the information without loosing our minds. Once the veil is lifted it stays lifted and we don't see the world the same as everybody else anymore. All of a sudden very everyday trivial things become symbols of evil or God.

Wendy Stokes - Researcher and Author - One might jump to conclusions and say "that is a ruby ring on her finger, she must be born in July, and therefor is ... However, she might also be wearing her mother's ring, one of great antiquity and of a particular dynasty from India. The ring could also be a garnet, for instance, so one could consider her to be of an entirely different identity. Most professional semiotic researchers using symbols, signs and cyphers (such as Mormons) request 5 correlations. This sorts the men out from the boys, and serious researchers from those who just want to play mind games because they have nothing better to do.

I would say in the context of the stories the other symbols represent that the gem is a ruby. Ruby is symbolic of a unicorn, unicorns were said to have rubies in their skulls. Unicorns are a symbol for Jesus and also for a matriarchal paradigm, which the woman embodies. Unicorn is used as a political and heraldry symbol. The lion and the unicorn is the allegory for a war that started 3,500 bc and is still going on, basically between socialist matriarchy and corporate patriarchy. 

Wendy Stokes One of the problems with symbols is that they have a multiplicity of meanings; for instance symbols in carpets depend on where the carpet was made (and many meanings of symbols have been lost in antiquity and we can only guess now, for instance:  

Rug symbolism is an amazing science, rugs coded with shapes that represent numbers and words and symbols for stories. Usually the message doesn't mean anything unless you are in the place the rug was made, as many rugs are maps to water or sacred sites etc. But some rugs are records of ancestors and heros and gods and goddesses. There are still people who can read and write the rugs in the 21st century, the art is not totally lost.

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