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Decoding Heraldry With Runes & Mythology

This is one of my favorite depictions of a Hodgson coat of arms, in England, because of the beautiful stone work and extra symbols.  Hodgson is a name from the United Kingdom since more than 1500 years on record, but the name is from Ancient Nordic and Welsh mythology, which is much older. A quite famous line of nobles, adventurers, and ground breakers, even a great great grandmother of  Queen Elizabeth II of England was a Hodgson.

 I ran it by an international group of more experienced researchers who gave me some interesting notes on the runes in the stonework. 

Rune - Dagaz - sed as a symbol of Light for more than four thousand years. It is the rune of hyper-consciousness. Achievement of this state of mind seems to be a relatively rare occurrence in human life at this stage of evolution. When chronicled, it marks the beginnings of the mission of a World Savior on Earth. - In history - Ancient Monarchy tradition all Monarchy were dynastic priests to teach the world peace and self reliance.

Rune - Gifu - Gift is for everyone / Glory and exaltation / And for the needy / A help and sustenance. - In history - Old Monarchy tradition is in time of famine to share out the extra wealth and food.

Rune - Isa - “Iss-ah” – Literally: “Ice” – Esoteric: Stasis, Stillness - the glacier slow moving tranquility rips apart big mountains. (Great allegory for Grail and Gnostic research, slow moving over the past 2000 years but now a huge genre ripping open big mountains of closed minds.)

3 Hens - The three hens are, quite simply, an allusion to the goddess in her triple forms of virgin, mother, and hag. Hag was not a term of derision, it meant wise.

My Own Decodings so far, with updates after the original Facebook post. 

Fleur de Lis - French Royal Family dating back to Biblical times and represents in particular Mary Magdalene. Fleur de Lis is Mary Magdalene's legal heraldry symbol in Europe. This is very important, as it means she was a real person legally and had children who had children, who's descendants are alive today. 

Three Marlets - 4th son. Hod was the 4rth son of Oden and Freja. Oden and Freja were a real king and queen in the 3rd century AD, and around 1000 years BC. Their records where handed down orally, which is how they became myth by the time of mass printing.

Spirals and Waves - Oceans the realm of the sea and the old High Kings, very ancient Monarchy dating to before the Biblical flood. They brought survival skills and civilization back to the world after the last extinction event. A real event in the geological record according to scientists. The bringers of education or light, Venus, illumination, knowledge are mentioned in ancient and tribal myths all over the world.   My family just happened to be all geeks of one sort or anther, but also founded towns, churches and schools, bringing civilization to the world, in New Zealand, Philadelphia USA, and Australia.

Stars - Queen of Heaven - Mary Magdalene and Mary Jesus Mother, but also the Sun, Jesus deified is a solar deity. 

Leafy decoration - This relates to vines and ongoing bloodlines, the exact meaning can vary according to the species of plant. 

My interpretation of the Runes:

I looked at Old English runes for more interpretations. Rune messages can be lain one on top of the other, so I will try to separate a few. 

Rune - 'Mann', meaning 'Man'.  Many ancient native tribes call them selves Man, or Human.   Which brings up interesting etymology Hu generally means Tu or Son of. Human would then mean Son of Man.  Genetically this could mean that Humans are a sub-race or offshoot race of Man. 

Rune - 'Is', meaning 'Ice'.  Could be that this lineage has been around since the Ice age. Modern underwater archeology have found advanced cities under water, that were build during the ice age. 

Rune - 'Sigel', meaning 'Sun'. Solar deity, but also surviving the ice age and following the sun.  There are more secret meanings, I will save for a book as the explanations are very long. 

Rune - 'Wyn', meaning 'Joy'. Our family love a good joke and keeping things light.  

Rune - 'Eoh', meaning 'Yew'. The yew tree can live for thousands of years and is sacred and also psychoactive if used correctly.  Yew trees are often found in English, Scottish, and Irish church yards where much more ancient temples to pagan gods once stood. 

Rune - 'Eah', meaning 'Horse'. This means a Knight of a military order, as all Knights were cavalry on horseback. As nobles they would have had educations and had to have been wealthy and high ranking to own a fighting horse, as well as armory and weapons.  Our family are nutty about horses and my Dad and my sister and I ride  and used to teach riding and rescue and rehabilitate horses.

Rune - X, Giefu, meaning 'Gift', this could be thaumaturgy, as our bloodline all have extra sensory powers , usually multiple, healing hands, seeing the future, dowsing, animal whispering.  Men and women have the gift since childhood. We never really talked about it as we were not taught what it was. We all thought the rest of the world saw things as we do, then I started traveling and learning. 

So you are probably wondering how the Norse interacted with the English before the history books say.   21st Century studies have discovered that the history books currently being used in schools are wrong.  The so-called Norse DNA is actually native to the United Kingdom, Scotland and Ireland.  Etymologically there are also very ancient Norse remnants in many place names in the UK.

Dedicated to my Sister Sharon for her birthday. 

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