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Decoding Heraldry With Runes & Mythology

This is one of my favorite depictions of a Hodgson coat of arms, in England, because of the beautiful stone work and extra symbols.  Hodgson is a name from the United Kingdom since more than 1500 years on record, but the name is from Ancient Nordic and Welsh mythology, which is much older. A quite famous line of nobles, adventurers, and ground breakers, even a great great grandmother of  Queen Elizabeth II of England was a Hodgson.

 I ran it by an international group of more experienced researchers who gave me some interesting notes on the runes in the stonework. 

Rune - Dagaz - sed as a symbol of Light for more than four thousand years. It is the rune of hyper-consciousness. Achievement of this state of mind seems to be a relatively rare occurrence in human life at this stage of evolution. When chronicled, it marks the beginnings of the mission of a World Savior on Earth. - In history - Ancient Monarchy tradition all Monarchy were dynastic priests to teach the world peace and self reliance.

Rune - Gifu - Gift is for everyone / Glory and exaltation / And for the needy / A help and sustenance. - In history - Old Monarchy tradition is in time of famine to share out the extra wealth and food.

Rune - Isa - “Iss-ah” – Literally: “Ice” – Esoteric: Stasis, Stillness - the glacier slow moving tranquility rips apart big mountains. (Great allegory for Grail and Gnostic research, slow moving over the past 2000 years but now a huge genre ripping open big mountains of closed minds.)

3 Hens - The three hens are, quite simply, an allusion to the goddess in her triple forms of virgin, mother, and hag. Hag was not a term of derision, it meant wise.

My Own Decodings so far, with updates after the original Facebook post. 

Fleur de Lis - French Royal Family dating back to Biblical times and represents in particular Mary Magdalene. Fleur de Lis is Mary Magdalene's legal heraldry symbol in Europe. This is very important, as it means she was a real person legally and had children who had children, who's descendants are alive today. 

Three Marlets - 4th son. Hod was the 4rth son of Oden and Freja. Oden and Freja were a real king and queen in the 3rd century AD, and around 1000 years BC. Their records where handed down orally, which is how they became myth by the time of mass printing.

Spirals and Waves - Oceans the realm of the sea and the old High Kings, very ancient Monarchy dating to before the Biblical flood. They brought survival skills and civilization back to the world after the last extinction event. A real event in the geological record according to scientists. The bringers of education or light, Venus, illumination, knowledge are mentioned in ancient and tribal myths all over the world.   My family just happened to be all geeks of one sort or anther, but also founded towns, churches and schools, bringing civilization to the world, in New Zealand, Philadelphia USA, and Australia.

Stars - Queen of Heaven - Mary Magdalene and Mary Jesus Mother, but also the Sun, Jesus deified is a solar deity. 

Leafy decoration - This relates to vines and ongoing bloodlines, the exact meaning can vary according to the species of plant. 

My interpretation of the Runes:

I looked at Old English runes for more interpretations. Rune messages can be lain one on top of the other, so I will try to separate a few. 

Rune - 'Mann', meaning 'Man'.  Many ancient native tribes call them selves Man, or Human.   Which brings up interesting etymology Hu generally means Tu or Son of. Human would then mean Son of Man.  Genetically this could mean that Humans are a sub-race or offshoot race of Man. 

Rune - 'Is', meaning 'Ice'.  Could be that this lineage has been around since the Ice age. Modern underwater archeology have found advanced cities under water, that were build during the ice age. 

Rune - 'Sigel', meaning 'Sun'. Solar deity, but also surviving the ice age and following the sun.  There are more secret meanings, I will save for a book as the explanations are very long. 

Rune - 'Wyn', meaning 'Joy'. Our family love a good joke and keeping things light.  

Rune - 'Eoh', meaning 'Yew'. The yew tree can live for thousands of years and is sacred and also psychoactive if used correctly.  Yew trees are often found in English, Scottish, and Irish church yards where much more ancient temples to pagan gods once stood. 

Rune - 'Eah', meaning 'Horse'. This means a Knight of a military order, as all Knights were cavalry on horseback. As nobles they would have had educations and had to have been wealthy and high ranking to own a fighting horse, as well as armory and weapons.  Our family are nutty about horses and my Dad and my sister and I ride  and used to teach riding and rescue and rehabilitate horses.

Rune - X, Giefu, meaning 'Gift', this could be thaumaturgy, as our bloodline all have extra sensory powers , usually multiple, healing hands, seeing the future, dowsing, animal whispering.  Men and women have the gift since childhood. We never really talked about it as we were not taught what it was. We all thought the rest of the world saw things as we do, then I started traveling and learning. 

So you are probably wondering how the Norse interacted with the English before the history books say.   21st Century studies have discovered that the history books currently being used in schools are wrong.  The so-called Norse DNA is actually native to the United Kingdom, Scotland and Ireland.  Etymologically there are also very ancient Norse remnants in many place names in the UK.

Dedicated to my Sister Sharon for her birthday. 

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mary Magdalene Deified as a Goddess Saint

Most of my work is online with digital archives, but I do get up close and personal with art works in real life in museums and archives. This photo is from my session at the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic arts, wonderful collections of works on paper, at their archive at the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco, USA. 

This piece is my personal highlight of the session, Magdalene in the Clouds, pictured as an elder lady with tassels for a masonic type lodge and royalty and with the top off off her jar, very potent symbol like Pandora's box, or a kind of religious porn. The museum folks seem to like my concept of the romance and "mythology" and secret society and royal histories of the art, and will supply images when my book is ready. I want to do a happy dance, as this means for real institutionalized museum endorsement of my research.

This is an excerpt from a chapter from my book about this piece.  The Magdalene in the Clouds, by Lucas van Leyden. 1518 A.D. Engraving, 12.1 x 7.6 cm (image), Holland Europe,

Codes, Symbols, and Meanings

Mary depicted as an older woman of great importance regarded with reverence.
A goddess with enlarged halo, an important goddess, on a level with Sol Evictus.
Small waist and large round hips of the sacred feminine and fertility.
Long hair and shapely curves indicate Mary was still attractive in her later years.
Opening lid of the jar alludes to Mary letting out her secrets. 
Open lid of Mary Magdalene’s jar alludes to Psyche and to opening of Pandora’s Box.
Knotted cloth or cord around Mary’s belly is a symbol of marriage.
Tassels for royalty and the four corners of a Masonic lodge.

Luke: 37 to 38  KJV: “And, behold, a woman in the city, which was a sinner, when she knew that Jesus sat at meat in the Pharisee's house, brought an alabaster box of ointment, And stood at his feet behind him weeping, and began to wash his feet with tears, and did wipe them with the hairs of her head, and kissed his feet, and anointed them with the ointment.”

Mary Magdalene is reported to have died at age 67 of the same year A.D. In this print she looks about that age by 20th century standards.  The Christian symbol for Mary Magdalene is an ointment jar or pot, but can also be a vase, decanter, oil bottle, urn, chalice, or water ewer. In most depictions of Mary Magdalene the lid of the jar is always firmly closed.

Mary removing the lid of the perfume jar is a potent symbol, related to Psyche and Pandora’s box.  The lidded jar or chalice, as a symbol for the sacred vagina, is the source of human life, but at the same time it can be the source of evil for men if unchecked.  Male dominated, or patriarchal religions, have always feared women and kept women from positions of power or independence. It is one of the reasons why secret societies formed to continue Goddess worship, and create coded works for veneration.

A coded art work is created for as many as four different audiences. The first audience is the general public, standard art historians, and lay preachers. These versions of history and religious interpretation we’ve all heard before.  Our eyes and ears seem to glaze over without any real understanding of what it all means, we are simply told to “Have faith” and to “Believe!”.

The second audience are new agers and treasure hunters.  They can read a little symbology on some paintings, such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, but only at a very basic level.   The second audience interpret the coded art according to the first audience’s lay symbology. They have not done the years of research to lift the veil to get to the next level. The second audience also tend to think that each work of coded art is either a treasure map or a new age spiritual icon. They go around in circles publishing the same information copied from each other, one after the other after the other.

A third audience are members of secret societies and ancient religious orders who, at the upper levels after three or more years of study, know how to read the symbols and much of the hidden histories they reveal. It is their job to maintain and protect this information over thousands of years. One way they do that is creating coded art.  It is because of their secrecy and the secrets they protect, that other factions don’t want anybody to know, that secret societies get a bad reputation.

The fourth audience are people of royal blood who have done years of personal research seeking the truth about their ancestors. It is for these people that the secret societies maintain and protect the secrets they protect. It is for the nobility to remember their heritage and the once great heros and saviors of the world they are and could yet again be.

According to various legends around the world, it is only those of ancient royal blood who retain the genetic memories of how to save the world, if they do the study and learn the secrets.

end of excerpt

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Jesus Was a Shape Shifter Ancient Manuscript

"Then the Jews said to Judas: How shall we arrest him [Jesus], for he does not have a single shape but his appearance changes. Sometimes he is ruddy, sometimes he is white, sometimes he is red, sometimes he is wheat coloured, sometimes he is pallid like ascetics, sometimes he is a youth, sometimes an old man ..."

 Excerpt: According to Van den Broek, the explanation of Judas’ kiss is first found in Origen, a theologian who lived 185-254 AD. In his work, Contra Celsum, the ancient writer, stated that "to those who saw him [Jesus] he did not appear alike to all." Van den Broek is careful to note that he is not suggesting that Jesus was in fact shape changing but only that some people in early Christian times may have thought he was.
While headlines at the time of the announcement (of the manuscript's discovery) were quite sensationalist and described the text as containing Christianity-shattering information, the publishing scholar never claimed anything of the sort.  It is also clear that the text is not a hoax but a genuine item published by a respected scholar by a notable academic press (E. J. Brill). So why hasn’t such a fascinating text led to further research, interpretations, or discussion among scholars? Featured Image: Fragment of text from Morgan Library. Photo credit. Article By April Holloway Article: 
One of 55 Coptic manuscripts discovered in 1910 by villagers at the ruins of the Monastery of Archangel Michael of the Desert,  Al Hamuli , Egypt. Monks buried the manuscripts in a stone vat in the tenth century, near the time it went into disuse. The cache was rediscovered in 1910 and sold to American financier J.P. Morgan in 1911., and now housed in the Morgan Library and Museum in New York City. 
Interesting article, but I don't think that Christians would be worried by Jesus being able to shape shift. I think Christians would expect it.  In the Bible Jesus worked miracles, and in Holy Grail legends and Orthodox Catholic traditions he is able to perform thaumaturlogicaly, even stop or turn back time.  Like a real Merlin, maybe Jesus was an inspiration for the Merlin character.
In my research I'm discovering that old world Christian mysticism is full of magic, including shamanism, healing hands, astral projection.  Everything the New Agers claim is rediscovered, many old world Christians have been practicing for millennia.  
On a real world practical level, people seeing Jesus at different ages and looks, people with eye problems didn't have glasses back then, and there were a lot of copycats at the time. That different people saw him differently is not that surprising, almost to be seen as normal.

Addendum April 15. I suddenly remembered/realized the real reason, he had a twin. It's in the etymology of the Apostles names.Thomas Didymus, the twin.  Over and over again in coded art and coded Bible passages is the Twin. 

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Healing Ointments and Doctor in Jesus' Tomb?

The Lamentation by Ambrosius Benson 16th century. This work is on display at the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco. These are tidied up notes from a discussion group with guest input. 

Look to your left, Joseph of Arimathia, possible king or agent of a high king, in history he was a minister of mines for the Roman government, in a dynastic senatorial post. It gets way more interesting... See window in the tomb, interestingly not masonic and not a tomb. The broken tree trunk is the lost of the goddess, and lost history of the real Jesus, one of his symbols is a tree. When we zoom out it becomes something else, a striding Templar knight, a code in in its self to say we've been fed a lot of lies about them. 

The three pillars, three children of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. One pillar in foreground, the one that has survived that is now in the royal seat and waiting. The arch in the bridge symbolized the same person. The ladder represents the sacred DNA. The sarcophagus is full of aloes, honey, pain relievers and healing herbs. A three day soak in that stuff with some poppy and acacia teas would have prevented shock and infection and sped up the healing process. The person stirring the mixture in the tomb is probably Nicodemus, he is Joseph's personal doctor, which means everybody is very high ranked and very wealthy, ala billionaire style.

Cort Lindahl  (Archeologist and author) This painting is interesting to me. I think the imagery invokes the Temple Mount. The ladder in the background makes me think of Jacob's ladder. Have read that according to some the sepulcher of Christ was actually on the Temple Mount.

There's some very ancient stuff going on there. I'm finding in these paintings most everything is a code for something. Including the way shadows and light fall across an object or person or part of.

Chris Foster  (Researcher) The ladder in the background I would consider as Jacobs'.

I'm wondering what are the multiple allegorical meanings for Jacob's ladder. Are the meanings the same in heraldry? In general I found the meanings or contexts of symbols can change depending on the version of the background story. For instance, a room without a window could be Masonic, a room with a window is not a Masonic lodge, not a ceremony. 
One of the stories is that Jesus went through a three day Egyptian ceremony of death and rebirth. This painting questions that. But another painting in the same collection has Jesus stepping out of the box and killing soldiers, yes very confusing. I see the plant aloe and I know it as a very common healing plant in the western USA, I grow a little at home. Eastern healers are very good, their craft has been established for more than 5,000 years, still used today, some practiced by Western doctors. Jacob's ladder, I need to further explore, the ladder symbology I currently have decodings of is about DNA.

Due to the world politics at the deeper end of this research, even in the paintings, I've been trying to keep things light. Often I'm not sure what to say. What I can say is that I am really digging Christian mysticism at the moment. The secret apocrypha books are fab, I can actually understand them. I'm learning a lot more about the syncretizing of saints and gods and monarchy, and how that is still practiced today, ala Diana and the Romanovs. The pre flood history and advanced technology are also fascinating tied into other cultures around the world.

Early spread of Christianity first 2 centuries AD, the St James Way pilgrimage etc (The Way, movie with Martin Sheen). Where did they end up? all over the world, (math study is on the Sangraal Truth group by Charly). Or what was the ethnicity of their DNA? Up for debate. Who was really protecting them? Who most wouldn't expect? Breakdown of the symbology for a particular story or person or secret society? each are different. This seems totally Parcival, but I kind of need a bit more information or specifics. I'm in San Francisco, USA, some even say they came here, or at least in part.

The Cathars were an early part of my research. We have somewhat advanced on geomancy and working on our first app for that, see Cort Lindahl's work on youtube. I have been editing a transcript of what can be described as a Catholic, Black Nobility, version of the Grail story, from 2 year discussion with one of the group. Also an art history of the coded art and collection here in San Francisco, in collaboration with a world class art museum. I've collected initiation rites of secret societies, including Essen Masons, Scottish Rite etc. We've also gathered a network of other groups and radio hosts and expert researchers. It is all quite advanced, lots of PHD's, such as Genesis Quest, but also specialized and at university level, hence my asking to be specific.

Chris Foster There are no secrets within Masonry, just a few pointers regarding it's evolution. If you listen to the UGLE they quote 1717 as being the date that Freemasonry started.

There are two sides to Masons, dark and light, and several different religions these days. Some elements of their initiation rites are over 2,000 years old, and can tell one almost everything one need's to know about Masonry relating to Grail research (reading it symbolically) It's the Mason's Goddess symbology that interests me the most. Rebuilding the walls of the Goddess. Also they use ladder symbology... interestingly enough.

 In every organization there is dark and light, red and white, conservative and libertarian or republican or monarchist. From my findings I believe that Mason's were originally artisan guilds. Guilds were how the wealthy screened quality and trustworthy craftsmen for high profile jobs, such as royal commissions. This is how they all have similar coded symbology and minimum standard of technical skills. Often people confuse Templars and Druids with Masons, but I think that is another bait and switch. Templars were originally French, where as Guilds were/are and are all over the world, even in the East. Druids in the USA are also a social philanthropic fraternity. 

Masons today are a social philanthropic organization, not so much attached to having real artisan skills. Though Masons I’ve met all have some kind of real skill, including sound engineering, dentistry, and macadamia farming. Masons accept women today, and so did some lodges in the 1700's, and 1800's in the USA. The secret codes and handshakes and windowless rooms were introduced during persecution times, keeping the skills secret is older. Secrecy is membership requirement like a blood oath. 

It was for every member's protection, especially as some members or their clients were highly ranked royals or industry moguls who kept civilization supplied and running. Other forms of secrecy were to protect the skills and knowledge and their communication codes, such as the paintings. Older cities of the USA are often laid out using Mason like symbology. I say Mason-like, as there are a lot of Mason like orders that are not Mason, it gets confusing at times. For example the painting in this thread with Mary Magdalene and the wedding ring, was commissioned for a Carpenter's guild in Brussels. 

Joseph of Arimathea's nickname was The Carpenter, because he commissioned wooden buildings, as opposed to stone. Wood is the material of the Goddess, what Christian iconography, statues, are made of. The most moving part in the initiation rites for me, the mission.. rebuilding the walls of the Goddess, we are here to protect this planet, Mother Earth. Mason rites are a form of shamanism if done with meditation. I know the acacia, the DMT side of it, now that could be some interesting concepts. Something else, Mason degrees are sometimes given according to skill level. Being able to understand all this stuff might be why I was given a full set of initiation rites, for preservation, without an oath of secrecy. Sometimes in paintings of inside lodges there are high Masons who look a bit young for the position, for example.

Joseph of Arimathea' right side his robe draped to look like a woman holding a baby. But when I enlarged it and fiddled with the exposure it looks more like a woman with a 10 year old holding a sword, or the sword is being held in front of them, as if to keep them in the shadows maybe?

other notes and things

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Grand Master in Sacred Knowledge and Sensual Art

By Akseli Gallen-Kallela,1888, Finland. Akseli Gallen-Kallela was an initiated Grand Master and considered the Grand Master of Finish art. These are tidied up excerpts from my discussion group, Sangraal Truth, on FB. 

Guest interpretation by Ivelin Ivanov - Researcher
“This is a classical Steganography cartouche of a married couple she is visible and he is anonymous which means that she will choose him. No one will recognized him before she pointed him. 
The coded message is:
She is a half human, She is a senior member of her community.
She comes from the octahedron-shaped star(Beehive) which is seen at sunrise.
They both have blood relation with each other through the Umaydzhan (have ancestors Amazons). Her ancestors left the Earth with one of the two Swans(Bees or Lilies) that are flown away to the stars. His ancestors have remained on the third Swan that is left on the Earth.
He is the seventeenth of the thirteenth bloodline after the fall. And they will meet or marry 782 years after the fall.
They will have divine children.

This is an old prophecy.
The artist is definitely Mason but not desposyni because he did not thoroughly familiar with the Bactrian cipher.”

What Ivelin is talking about is a very ancient Indo Aryan Arabic cypher, where shapes represent numbers that represent letters of an alphabet or symbols for allegorical stories. A "for dummies" variation of the cypher, explained to children at Hogwarts, it's very cute... 

With symbology we can read many stories in the painting, like a book. The skill of Akseli Gallen-Kallela as and artist and in encoded symbols is outstanding. This painting is a book in symbols. From what I can first see it talks about Mary Magdalene and Jesus and the real Holy Grail.  It talks about the Sacred Marriage, Hireo Gamos, and sacred royal couple in Christian mysticism, Christian tantra. John the Baptist being lost to the world, chalice a sacred relic, pillar a bloodline, Song of Songs in the Bible, India connections to Jesus, and identities that have been skewed. I posted it our Sangraal Truth discussion group on Facebook and the resident Essene Masonic Grand Master from France said it is full of secrets even she couldn't say publicly. 

One could see the 1782 as a date, but the other symbols in the image are very strongly saying other things. Lilies, skull, grail cup, V, pillar, bare breasts, etc. Each individually have deep meanings and stories, so when grouped the whole painting is a book and each symbol a chapter. Note, this is how I see art works, because this is how I've channelled my research when I see symbols such as these.

"What's the message?" it's a bit like the question "Whom doth the Grail serve". By tradition we are to find the answers ourselves through research and study and the process of the quest brings us to enlightenment in a way. Which is researching every different kind of symbolic meaning of every object in the painting. But it's not all magic and fun stuff, there's some very heavy history and stuff still going on to this day.  Some of the information is so heavy that once you learn what it is you immediately understand why it's not talked about. You may even want to hide under your bed for a while. It can send sane people insane and insane people sane. The long haul research and study, I believe is to prepare us to learn the information without loosing our minds. Once the veil is lifted it stays lifted and we don't see the world the same as everybody else anymore. All of a sudden very everyday trivial things become symbols of evil or God.

Wendy Stokes - Researcher and Author - One might jump to conclusions and say "that is a ruby ring on her finger, she must be born in July, and therefor is ... However, she might also be wearing her mother's ring, one of great antiquity and of a particular dynasty from India. The ring could also be a garnet, for instance, so one could consider her to be of an entirely different identity. Most professional semiotic researchers using symbols, signs and cyphers (such as Mormons) request 5 correlations. This sorts the men out from the boys, and serious researchers from those who just want to play mind games because they have nothing better to do.

I would say in the context of the stories the other symbols represent that the gem is a ruby. Ruby is symbolic of a unicorn, unicorns were said to have rubies in their skulls. Unicorns are a symbol for Jesus and also for a matriarchal paradigm, which the woman embodies. Unicorn is used as a political and heraldry symbol. The lion and the unicorn is the allegory for a war that started 3,500 bc and is still going on, basically between socialist matriarchy and corporate patriarchy. 

Wendy Stokes One of the problems with symbols is that they have a multiplicity of meanings; for instance symbols in carpets depend on where the carpet was made (and many meanings of symbols have been lost in antiquity and we can only guess now, for instance:  

Rug symbolism is an amazing science, rugs coded with shapes that represent numbers and words and symbols for stories. Usually the message doesn't mean anything unless you are in the place the rug was made, as many rugs are maps to water or sacred sites etc. But some rugs are records of ancestors and heros and gods and goddesses. There are still people who can read and write the rugs in the 21st century, the art is not totally lost.

other stuff on

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Jesus Visits His Mother Decades After the Crucifixion

The artist has used color as the code cypher Jesus and his friends are young in the Garden, In the Dormition of the Virgin, they are older.  The artist is saying that Jesus is visiting his mother when she is dying of old age, decades after escaping the crucifixion. 

I looked again at a high res copy.(Please note these are only rough interpretations) In Dormition - The person holding the palm has no beard, so might be a woman, using traditional standards. In that case it would Sarah Damaris. This makes more sense in my findings, but these are only my theories. Damaris is noted in the Bible, also recorded in letters as married to a high judge or king; served in the church, at a time when only high royal women could; and martyred in Greece in her early twenties.

Also in the background behind Sarah is an older person with grey hair and angry face and a younger man staring at the back of Sarah's head like he is annoyed with her. Maybe there was some kind of plot against Sarah, as she was a high royal and martyred. Royals seem to have been targets of assassination and persecution for millennia longer than the Jewish peoples, ironically. The other two brothers are in the background on the other side, to the viewer’s right, by the bed, almost hidden, like they are in historical records today.

The cup would have wine in it for ritual mass, instead of sacrificing an animal. Grapes represent a royal bloodline in coded art works. Bread represents the ancient wheat fields of Jesus' ancestors. "Drink of my blood, eat of my body" The bloodline as a single entity, past, present, and future etc.

The red velvet hood tilts to the left, stage left, towards the hidden princes, Jesus and Mary Magdalene's sons and Mary's grandchildren. One stands under and arch, the symbol for one of their sons. The red velvet holds two head size balls, so maybe the other son was also martyred by beheading as with the daughter. Very sad. But also symbolic, as only respected high born royals were executed by beheading in that era.

The Dormition of the Virgin and Jesus in the Garden. Painted 1500, AD. From a private collection, sold at Sotherby's. Artist is FOLLOWER OF JAN BAEGERT (FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE MASTER OF KAPPENBERG) ... 

Excepts of my blog on  the other social networking site 

Speaking of beheading, did you know that Islamic law prevents Muslim people from harming Christians? You can look it up. The videos of so-called Islamic extremists killing Christians by beheading are fake, created by corporations who have vested interest in war. 500 Years ago the profit Mohamed forbade Muslims to harm Christians. Also symbolically in Islam beheading is the death of a King or Queen, not a thief or heretic. Have you ever noticed the underlying Hollywood or corporate polish on the so-called extremist videos?  Please have some faith in your fellow everyday human beings, parents with children, of every religion. 

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Erotic Christian Art by an Olympic Games Medalist


These are my original writings, this site has been hacked.

Did you know that the 1948 London Olympics section had a segment for art? The winner of the silver medal for etching (print from acid etched metal plate) Was lithographer John Copley. John was the oldest winner at 73 years of age.

This picture is not His Olympic winner purpose Does it say something else That Makes a controversial statement. It exemplified His skill as a draftsman and his talent as an artist, and his knowledge of secret and sacred stories and Their symbolism. This is a short excerpt from the book I'm working Currently it has about coded collection of art at the Legion of Honor Museum, here in San Francisco. The works are in the vaults, not on display, most have never shown in public. 

Codes, Symbols, and Meanings
Jesus is Intensely Focused on the woman wiping His Feet with her hair.
Jesus sits on a chair That shows only three legs, a symbol of marriage.
Mary Magdalene is  by the oil bottle on the table and urn off by her feet.
Mary Above the fold in the cloth and shadow looks like a child Both and a vagina. Server in the background holds a platter, a symbol for John the Baptist, His Head. Mary's garment is torn, a tradition for a woman Who has-been Recently widowed.Mary is prostrate before her Lord, a posture of submission by a Queen for her King.

This moody szene and leaves nothing at the time Sami everything to the imagination. Jesus' intense focus is Mary Magdalene lying HAD His Feet. Her dress torn to the just below her buttocks raised, clear symbolism to anybody Who has Experienced sexual passion. The intimate relationship entre em is visible and palpable as if the whole picture and paper is the picture we are sex. The skill of the artist to capture a realistic emotional moment HAS decoded the image for us. 

 More art and interpretations from --other museums and mediums Heart emoticon  Deborah Hodgson, Author and Researcher and writer of this blog, San Francisco, USA.

Translation by  Laurence Elem  to French, la même morning in France.
"Codes, Symbols and Meanings
Jesus is intensely focused on the woman wiping his feet with her hair (hair). Jesus is sitting on a chair (chair) which shows only three legs, a wedding symbol. Mary Magdawene oil is identified by the bottle on the table and the large urn by his feet. Above the fold Mary and shade in the fabric look like a child as a vagina. The server maintains the background a plate, a symbol for John the Baptist, his head (head). The garment of Mary is torn, a tradition for a woman who was recently widowed. Mary is prostrate before his lord (lord), a submissive position by a king for his queen, or a woman to her new husband.
This scene moody leaves (leaves) nothing and yet everything to the imagination. The intense focus of Jesus Mary Magdalene had located his feet. The garment of Mary is torn, a tradition for a woman who was recently widowed. Mary is prostrate before his lord, a submissive position by a king for his queen, or a woman to her new husband.
This scene moody leaves nothing and yet everything to the imagination. The intense focus of Jesus is Mary Magdalene was lying his feet. Her torn dress just below his buttocks augmented, clear symbolism to someone who has experienced sexual passion. The intimate relationship between them is visible and palpable as if the whole image and the paper on which the image is sex. The jurisdiction of the artist to capture a realistic emotional moment for us decoded image. "

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I decode puzzles...

I decode puzzles ...

In 2010 I started noticing odd patterns repeated in old masters' art works. Small everyday items in common in repeated hundreds of works by different artists, and realized that they were symbols. The first batch of symbols were Christian saints, such as the oil bottle and jar for Mary Magdalen, the eagle for John the Apostle, Saint Catherine for the wheel. Then I started noticing  other repeating symbols, pearls, roses, urns, knots, lilies and others.

My curiosity and activated was focused on researching the meanings that the symbols represented . One by one Revealed They Themselves and then I found more than one layer of interpretation. After interpreting Reviews another layer one layer Would peak through and I Would have to repeat the research process. After two years the old master's artwork started telling bits and pieces of hidden stories, four years after-the artworks are telling me chapters of whole epic sagas.

I was assisted by several people around the world, who hAd ancient family and religious order knowledge dating back to the time of Jesus and before That. They considered me as a distant cousin and began telling me what I was.  That finding in my research in words to the effect of that It was in my blood to find it. This was a little too Twilight Zone for me and I kept my distance, kept it with my research.

After reading many scientific studies as well as myths and legends and ancient initiation rites, and experiencing hands on ancient living cultures around the world, I now know They are right.

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