My maiden name is Deborah Hodgson 
I was born in Australia, and now live in Haight Ashbury, San Francisco. I formally studied fine art and design Melbourne Australia and London England and have been researching religious art history since 2010.

I have had my findings confirmed by 3 different Masonic orders, England, Italy, and France, who have been mentoring my research since 2012. 

We do all communications in writing, I have years of transcripts, and you can follow these people on Facebook. Their beliefs prevent them from becoming celebrities, to them it is profane.

There are many people who know this stuff, they talk about it freely amongst themselves and other scholars of the subject. You will find hundreds of discussion groups about it with real royalty and Masonic grandmasters on Facebook, Google, and other sites. There are thousands of books on the hundreds of different aspects of the story by college accredited authors. And even more not in English. 

For example, did you know the Smithsonian Institute has a full report of Jesus being in Japan, with a grave, Japanese family descendants, and a festival to him?  There are also many documentaries about this and other oddities on the web.

As researcher every new finding I have to tell myself that just because I have never heard of something or don't know where to find the proof, doesn't mean it isn't true. The Bible is told to us to be the truth. True stories don't have dead ends. So when one version of a story runs into a dead end you have to back up and follow other versions, until you find the version that continues to this day.

Yes I am Christian, and a monarchist, we all are. My family hand built churches in Australia, England, Scotland, New Zealand, and Philadelphia USA for centuries. My great great great grandfather was a younger son. The older brother and heir, Duke, or Prince, settled in Philadelphia in the 19th century. They are all recorded in history books, genealogies, and city records, as well as some in Wikipedia. That is what gave me an in with the grandmasters for my research. ;-)

On this web site you will find blog articles about my research, documentaries I made and active discussion groups and pages. Hours of fun and more to explore for yourself. Enjoy ;-)

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