Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sorry Blog to Dave Hatcher Childress

I was having a mindless conniption fit a while back and was very rude to David Hatcher Childress. To say sorry and also the images were interesting enough I made this special interpretation from some of the photos on his FB page. 

Photos by David and friends from 
Interpretations by me. 

The mandala below Prince Gotama's, ear represents the 8. The 8 survivors of Noah's arc symbolically. It means he is a real person of high royal rank, not a mythical figure. Possibly the center of the mandala represents the arc, or God, or their ancestors, depends on context. Kind of Atlantian. Identifying the plants could tell more of the story. The mandala being below his ear and his ear lying upon it, might symbolize Prince Gotama's listening to or relying on the wisdom of his ancestors. Oddly this would make him, by genealogy and royal traditions, Indo Aryan, emphasis on Aryan even more oddly. Look closely you see the center star, the original 8 and branching out into much flora. That is a genealogy tree, like a Jesse Tree, probably where they got the idea from. Symbology is a language without words as we know it. You know the saying "A picture tells a thousand words." I was taught a lot of old sayings as a child. When you apply them to allegory it becomes very interesting. x marks the spot B-) It may be the language of the Birds, not sure yet.

The designs on the pillars are a language, like how the designs on Arabic rugs are actually a language. I'm not fluent enough to interpret them yet. Need close ups.

This image, the buildings are talking about the Dragon Lords. Love these guys, fabulous legends. An ancient global imperial dynasty, pre flood, apparently with flight technology. There was a lot more cross continental ancient settlement and diplomacy than taught in history books since the turn of the 20th century. The flowers represent the 8 survivors of Noah's Arc and Venus and her children or one of her daughters. It is a fertility symbolic arrangement. I think it is talking about them having multiple husbands. A custom still practiced in some traditional Tibetan and Chinese communities. Venus was also real, an imperial royal born on the Arc during the flood. Potted plants would be how they preserved and brought species with them to replant the world. Within plants hides a whole forgotten history of the world, if we just open our minds and let the facts fall into place.

Pillars of Heaven, AKA look up, triangle and square for triangulation or navigation, science and light. Science, mathematics, bringing enlightenment to the world. There will be more info in the details. Very interesting pic.

The azure blue and yellow. Azure blue, the 3 Marys from the Bible and flood, the boat and oars are obvious, plus the original 4 of the 8. Yellow for the sun, God, and eastern religious garments, and the Fleur de Lis. Fleur de Lis symbol of Mary Magdalene. Blue and Yellow and Fleur de Lis symbols of the the French royal families. Da Vinci Code was partially right. 

In this small example of a handful of images from different influences, we can see how pictures and symbology are more efficient at storing and recalling information and doesn't need word languages to understand.

Photos by David and friends from 
Interpretations by me. 

Thank you David for the interesting read...