Sunday, November 20, 2016

Coded San Francisco

There is so much more to discover about San Francisco than the usual tourist hangouts.   My name is Deborah Hodgson and I am an art historian living in Haight Ashbury. For the past 7 years I have been working with museums and historians, genealogists, heraldry organizations and members of Masonic and Orthodox Catholic and French Essene orders.  My findings are quite different from the popular authors and rewrite and add new chapters to the Holy Grail sagas. 

San Francisco has a real life Da Vinci Code esq mystery.   At the turn of the 20th Century San Francisco was called the Paris of the USA for it's European culture and large population of French and European immigrants with royal titles and ancestry.   Within San Francisco's streets, buildings and museums of art are clues to cracking the secrets of the Holy Grail and the elusive Knights Templar code. 

The decorations on the Victorian houses and other vintage buildings of San Francisco are actually a language, alike to Egyptian hieroglyphics, designed by the secret society called the Masons. Each building is a storybook telling the true history of the people in the Holy Grail legends, who the Jesus family and Jesus really were and Jesus’s and Mary Magdalene’s real life descendants.  Many of the more famous architects of the Victorians, such as Cranston or Dunn, had Masonic connections and royal ancestors.

This code is not only in the Victorians, it is also coded into street names and shapes, the placement of monuments and museums, and in art collections at the Legion of Honor Museum of Art, and more.  Did you know that overlooking Haight Ashbury is an actual Knights Templar church and abbey? Or that some of the streets around the Haight and San Francisco are in the shapes of secret society symbols and some named after Masons?  

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