Sunday, September 18, 2016

Workshop & Tour in San Francisco

Live workshop walking tour lecture with the author...

Francisco has more coded art, coded streets architecture, and more secret societies than a whole set of Dan Brown books. Why?

San Francisco's Victorian buildings hold a world changing secret. The Knights Templar came to America 800 years or more ago and left clues across America to the South of France.  Generations of people have been designing, building, and maintaining these clues for 800 years up to present day. Some say longer.
Why has Mary Magdalene so many symbols all over San Francisco?  Why are some streets named after secret societies and their symbols and form symbolic shapes? What do they mean?  Why are San Francisco's beautiful Victorian houses worth World Heritage listing?

Live Tour With Author

$184 Whole day with author and filmmaker D.A. Hodgson on a private tour. Includes 3 guided tours at the Legion of Honor Museum, a real Knights Templar Church, and iconic Haight Ashbury San Francisco. 

We meet at the Legion of Honor and transport is provided from there to Haight Ashbury.  Includes free digital copies of D.A. Hodgson books Coded Haight Ashbury and Symbols of Magdalene.


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DIY Armchair Tour &Multimedia Book
$24.95 for Coded Haight Ashbury digital book and self guided tour. Photos, video, interactive maps, and text by D.A. Hodgson CLICK HERE. Included free with live tour.

D.A. Hodgson gives fresh new research and exciting new chapters discovered through her research of art history, design, and architecture. Solving ancient mysteries through art history.