Sunday, September 18, 2016

Tracking Grail Evidence

Recent excerpt from 5 years or more long chat with another writer Wendy Stokes.  I have a few transcripts with interesting people about the Holy Grail mysteries, each years long. It's these conversations that help research, bouncing ideas off each other and being each other's devils advocate that makes us think out of the box to make new discoveries. 

MM is often alongside St John, so there might be some Johns in the churches, buildings, street names (of San Francisco). Why was this area of Frisco chosen Deborah? Was it originally owned by someone involved in Freemasonry?

PS Is Venus not Aphrodite and not Diana?

I'm just wondering about Jesus being the son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar because the dates in Roman times are very verifiable and we know that, for instance, when Herod Antipas was on the throne of Palestine and what happened later, Masada, when Rome put down the Boudiccan revolt in 68 AD and the 70AD oppression of Jerusalem, etc.

I had heard that his family were rich, the word for carpenter also being the word for architect. Jesus was the widow's son of freemasonry which could date back to the building of Roman palaces in the area at the time he lived and worked as a mason, probably learning his skill in Egypt. But Mason's only speculate. They don't say for definite ever because they have no proof that Jesus was ever a mason, so who knows for sure!

Venus is Diana, Astarte, and Isis, I don't know about Aphrodite, I think so.
There are remains of an 800 or more year old Sinclair Castle on the East Coast of the USA. History channel series America Unearthed, has a whole lot of reports on the evidences of them being in the USA. Scott Walter is good, but not a tracker like me. I learned tracking lost horses in the bush as a kid. He's missed a few things, walked right over them.

French Essenes claim Jesus as one of theirs, as do the Black Nobility. The Lily in the Bible and the wedding at Cana tell you his family heritage. The story is still in the Bible, just mistranslated.

All nobles are brought up with some form of Masonic training, if they know it or not. There's a lot of stuff in this research that if I wasn't taught certain things as a kid I wouldn't have put together as an adult. Certain things in artworks and sayings and symbols and traditions.

Little details that are not taught in schools, such as what heraldry really is. Cartography, geography, and mapping. Research skills, dad brought he whole set of Britanica in book form, and atlases. I think I got my bug for exploring stuff from there. Dad'd make up learning games where we had to look something up to answer the question. Building and carpentry, had to build stuff with dad, all the kids did.

Just knowing how to ride a horse in a formal style helped make some big discoveries. Watching my dad build computers from real blueprints before there were PCs saved me from believing in ancient aliens. Our near forefathers were Quaker, but dad told me to find what religion suited me best, even Zen, and I tried a few. Makes a difference in understanding religions.

Finishing school, the rituals of formality and coming out as a deb, how and if to curtsey to who is who in social hierarchy, tells a lot about Grail life and culture. AKA royal courts and social customs.

Lots of stuff I had forgotten, because I rarely used it, until this research. Then it kept popping up and making aha holy wow moments.