Friday, August 26, 2016

American Young Adults Very Scary

Today an American research buddy and mother lamented over American youth and wondered why they are too self centered to be intelligent.

My answer, according to what I was told by a professional executive recruiter, is the USA education system. USA learns by rote, memorizing instead of cognitive thinking, so they simply copy and don't think.  Is why so many copycats in the USA and relatively not a lot of originals.

Kids are copying bad behavior, because USA schools train them to copy and not to think. USA media, shows with people being self centered, is brainwashing young minds to be that way. Study upon study by multiple esteemed institutions have proved this since the 1960s.

It gets worse, all the world knows what's up with the USA, except the people in the USA, because the people in the USA have mostly been trained to not think for themselves. We were taught this when I was in college in Australia and England.

My overall experience and observation is that schools are too big and too centralized. They distract kids from focusing and thinking about learning. Instead they have kids only worried about bullies and peer pressure.

I was bullied in school to the point of having to get therapy, and for the rest of my life be very shy of people. I learned more outside of school studying on my own, I only was able to glean a few basics in school, and partly home schooled by my dad to make up for the bad schools.

 If schools were much smaller with more teachers to oversee the kids and individualized instruction to get through to more kids, more lives and friendships will be saved. It is a very worthwhile investment to save costs in crime and homelessness later.

 I met a woman in her mid twenties who didn't know who Alexander the Great was. It shocked me so much that I was rude and twice asked the poor woman where she went to school.

 A  lot of adult caucasian Americans today don't know ancient history for example. If we don't know even the celebrity archetypes of where we come from? How can we understand ourselves, let alone the rest of the world, or make educated decisions about our lives or others?

For the past one hundred years or so, we the rest of the world, have been brainwashed by the radio and printing press, movies, and political and profit agendas. The Bible, the basis that most of our modern laws were written on,  has been deliberately mistranslated by Hollywood. It  makes Jesus out to be a poor Jewish carpenter's son with no historical record, when he was actually somebody completely the opposite.

The clues to who Jesus and his family really were can be found in the Bible, if we do our research into political history. And the world really needs to study political history to stop electing fools into office.

I once met Terrence McKenna in Byron Bay Australia when friends brought him there on tour. A group of us had been having weekly sessions listening to and discussing his tapes and books. One of the things Terrence said that I'll never forget and has helped me in my research is that to protect ourselves from fake belief systems we must study four things.

Four things to geek out on to protect ourselves from most kinds of brain washing, except maybe television. Those things are art, mathematics, political history, and hard fact.  AKA culture, statistics, philosophy or motivations, and results.  I am an art historian, and we must study in-depth all of that to find the heart of an image.  Within the heart of an image is the truth and true stories don't have dead ends.

If you have ever watched Hulu or commercial television or anything aimed at under 50 somethings in the USA, compared to TV in other countries you will understand the puns. The USA is deliberately dumbing down their audiences , and put at risk everyone else, if good educations are not provided.  It is just like Orwell's 1984, with antidepressants and other prescriptions for soma.

OK so the cat is out of the bag... you are all on drugs and your minds are being manipulated by the crappy media and the chemicals you intake. This is not a test. This is not a joke. Nor is this a hoax. It is really happening. You are living in the Matrix and don't know it.

You have been brainwashed to believe otherwise., because it is young adults or wannabe young adults programming and influencing the media, that have been brainwashed since they were TV babies, and don't know otherwise. Like the snake eating its tail.

Back to normal programming soon...