Sunday, July 24, 2016

Holy Grail Conspiracy Disclosure

If you don't read the popular books and you stay away from the new age and alien conspiracy crap, you can find the truth for yourself. Most else of what is written out there is silly rubbish by people who only wished they knew.

The information is not in written words or normal historical records of the formats we are used to today.  It is written in the ancient language of universal allegorical  hieroglyphs.

 The Grail is  not just a bloodline it is a hidden race of people. My people.

The Merovingian is one of the lines.  Jesus's ID and story were covered up, as late as WWI, due to Zionist world take over by central banks headed by Rothchilds.  Lord Rothchild presided as chairman to the world Zionist association for generations. Search Hebrew cultural media, newspapers, archives..

The Rothchilds a circle of centralized corporations who print your money and write your school history books. They are named and stylized to look like government institutions, but they are private corporations with only profit in as their goal. Unfortunately not science fiction, it's in your basic economic and fiscal policy history books and public records. It only takes one generation to stop studying to forget.

 The main Grail bloodline goes back to before the Bible.  The angels, sans wings, were the original earthlings. They have more sulphur and copper in their blood. Last couple of hundred thousand years they mixed with other kinds, who became to look like them.  So now you can't tell the difference without a blood test and tracking the family.

Few families retain the same name or etymology of a name over that long. I only know of one, because they are the oldest name, and that is my family. Hodgson, looking in any phone book in any English speaking country and Hodgson usually makes up the largest segment.  We've bee around longer than anybody.

 Hodgson, Hod's son, Hod of the Cabala, archangel Michael. No magic or miracles involved in that, just tracking people and word origins.

Ignore the new age, magic, and conspiracy crap, keep digging and asking grandmasters of genuine Masonic orders, but not Freemason as they are completely different.  After years of study the truth comes to you and you will see it everywhere for yourself.

 The story is coded into the streets and architecture of many older cities, including old San Francisco. Especially around Haight Ashbury where I live. Which is why the Victorian houses and any old architecture pre WW2 must be protected. Even the plain stuff can have stories coded into its design or even its placement.

I created a multimedia digital book about it

My book about the Haight Ashbury Victorians is to save these wonderful works of art. Developers who do not understand they are storybooks in code are tearing them down and build condos designed by computers as we speak. They have bribed a corrupt government and now there is new legislation to make it possible.  Please get the book a and learn why the Victorians are so valuable as historic and cultural treasures   at