Saturday, May 14, 2016

Grail and Knights Templar Questers and Gamers

This is a scam alert and a lesson on what the real Knights Templar and ancient mystery orders really are.  Recently yet another fake Knights Templar pay to join web site was floating around. We know it's fake because they have a web site, not very well done, and ask for money from anybody to join.  Plus a quick Whois, place the owner in Brazil, not Europe. 

The real ancient Orders sincere modern day folk seek in particular are dynastic, blood relations, and invitation only. They are based in Europe and the Middle East and don't have web sites. Also they are very private. 

You can't really join or really belong, no matter how much money you give them, unless you are a blood relative and have been invited. Traditional civic orders, the general public can join, but again by invitation only. You have to know somebody who is a member to recommend you.

All the others who claim they are Templar or Desposyni orders and the grandmaster or a member has not personally invited you after at least 3 years of communications and teachings, are scams. The real orders are not interested instant memberships nor money. They don't invite you until you have already passed the first level of initiation, which is about 3 years, often without you knowing it. 

The real grandmasters and initiates we encounter are pure geeks. Their shields are their knowledge from multiple master degrees of study. Their swords are their keen minds and communication of ideas and concepts. Their magic is their ability to wait and watch and make slow changes to the whole world by small changes locally.

Sorry to burst any bubbles for Knights Templar wannabes, but better to save your money, you will lean a lot more by simply doing real research. A group were there are real knights and grandmasters that you can ask questions and is a free school is Sangraal Truth on facebook.

Reading Sangraal Truth group can prep you for membership on the basics of what the ancient secret Orders study. If you ask the right questions, to show you really do study this topic, a real grandmaster will see and may become your guide. It is free, all that is required is your dedication and focus to study.

Sangraal means "Real Blood", which means a particular bloodline of peoples. They are first peoples of the Earth, which of course made up the first rulers and first royal families, because they were here first. They are not space aliens or reptilians, they are more Earthling than most people reading this.

They are called the Grail, what the Holy Grail mysteries really refer too. They can be tracked in history, in the Bible, and by blood type, not just DNA. Over millennia they have been out bred by a mutation and now Grail peoples only make up less than 10% of the world's so-called Human population. I could get really scientific, but that is a whole other blog piece (or book actually) and only for super geeky geeks. 

The Knights who didn't get excommunicated morphed into another order called the Knights of Malta and allow women.  The descendants of the excommunicated Knights Templar were pardoned many centuries later posthumously 2007. 

The current organization calling themselves Knights Templar are not invited to official royal functions, such as honor guards for royal marriages and coronations, but the Knights of Malta are invited. 

The Grail peoples are who made up the original Knights Templar, now called the Knights of Malta, and families, such as Sinclair,  are bound to protect.  It was an initiated Sinclair who informed me that Sinclair are protectors of the Grail bloodline, Sinclair are not the actual Grail bloodline, in person in Haight Ashbury, San Francisco. 

Just as interesting and telling is the art history.  

True stories do not have dead ends and always leave traces.  The oldest true stories will have traces woven throughout history and culture. Art is a language of symbols, which can be read like Egyptian hieroglyphs. 

The Knights knew this and have used the general public's ignorance of it to their advantage for over 1000 years to this day. It was for political reasons and to protect and hide a forgotten race of first people, the first people on on planet Earth, born of her body, who are my ancestors. 

Much art from ancient to Renaissance to Modern art, such as Battle Star Galactica written by Glen Larson, a practicing Mormon, and Star Trek, are coded with clues to the story. Which from an anthropologist or art historian point of view it should be, to prove its story of being around since the beginning.  A story that old should be woven into culture itself, even if the story has been forgotten or covered up.

Thousands of books by esteems scholars and researchers have been written about the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail based on false information.  The information that is in what we call written word today is deliberately laid bait and switch.  The only way to tell is to cross reference the information in the symbols in paintings.

The real information is written in another language, the language of symbols. It takes almost a lifetime of study, several grandmasters of different orders as guides to help decode it. Then to find the story requires computer and advanced internet to gather the scattered bits of the story from museums, temple walls, old and modern art, archeology digs, geology and DNA findings, and local folklore around the world. 

Only when everything cross referenced with everything all makes logical sense, sans magic or miracles, do I know I am on the right track. 

My research medium is art history and symbology, finding out what all the little details mean and why they inspire the artist so much. My research page with links to my blog posts and other findings and books I write

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