Saturday, April 2, 2016

Coded Electronic Dance Music and Vintage SciFi


This blog piece needs rewriting and editing, come back later.

Nutshells on my Holy Grail Da Vinci Code Knights Templar findings and art history oddity you will like: The story has not been kept in words directly, more in coded art and creative artworks, music, poetry, scifi, and architecture. By thousands of artists over many centuries to today. Right into electronic dance music culture, or EDM   

Example MuMu Land by KLF and Tammy Wynette is an early electronic music dance culture coded art work, "Justified and Ancient", so are parts of Star Trek, the Arthurian legends, Egyptian religion, which inspire many artists in those genres.

 I'm not talking about ancient aliens or Atlantis. It's something so old it is in our DNA. Listen to the words, look at the pictures, and take in the symbolism and vibe. The Bible is not just one book, it is several books coded on top of each other. 

More recently look up the original book the song MuMu Land based on The Illuminatis Trilogy, vintage scifi, and let your mind wander. Dance to the music video and get into a natural high and see where your mid takes you. 

This is an allegorical language and different way to store and recall information in your brain. It's difficult to learn on one's own as an adult, makes you think you are crazy sometimes, and makes crazy people sane other times, but lots of fun. 

smile emoticonIt's a total language within several languages, not just a code, and I'm not the only person who can read it.

KLF and Tammy MuMu Land " Justified and Ancient" music video. Get ready to dance... fun vid..  I love that it is real, no CG. Housemates,  when I was in art college in London UK, worked on this music video. There was real pool, very cold and not the cleanest, all the special effects are live and by hand. By today's comparrison it was low budget and low tech, but back then it cost around £400,000  to make. Over $1,285,000 USA in today's money. Today could produce the same vid for around $35,000.

More on my research project at

New sample chapter of upcoming digital interactive book about coded architecture in Haight Ashbury

Note: This blog post is inspired after meeting sociologists on electronic music culture, Graham St John, with empresario Michael Gosney and friends in San Francisco the other night.   I wasn't sure how to explain my research to Graham in that moment, a lost chance. This morning I woke up with MuMu Land and Tammy in my head and remembered my notes. Don't you love that... LOL

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