Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Et in Arcadia Ego Mystery Solved

Australian art historian and real life symbologist D.A.Hodgson, has found the answer to a centuries old puzzle, from researching coded art works in San Francisco.  For fans and enthusiasts of the Holy Grail and Da Vinci Code mysteries this is the next chapter in a much larger 2000 year old puzzle.

The phrase Et in Arcadia Ego was etched in code on the gravestone of Marie de Blanchefort, at the church in the village of Rennes le Chateau. RLC as fans call it, is situated the south of France where Mary Magdalene is said to have lived with her family after Jesus’s crucifixion. A Catholic priest, Berenger Sauniere in the late 19th century, found parchments hidden in the church stating to this effect and apparently more.  

 Sauniere took the parchments to the Catholic authorities in Paris and after that became mysteriously billionaire like wealthy from selling blessings.  Sauniere lived a high lifestyle, though spent most of the money on improvements to the church and village and helping the community and his flock. But the parchments and the information contained in them forever remains a mystery to this day.

Nicholas Poussin’s painting “The Shepherds of Arcadia” is central to the mystery. The painting depicts a group of shepherds pointing to a tomb etched with the words “Et in Arcadia Ego.”   It was believed by British journalist, Henry Lincoln, that the tomb existed near Rennes le Chateau and he published in a popular documentary and book in the 1970’s, and other books since. Lincoln collaborated on the 1982 book, “Holy Blood Holy Grail” with  Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh. Which were source works for Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. 

 The tomb was eventually destroyed by the land owner in the 1980‘s. Growing numbers of treasure hunters were digging up his property looking for the Holy Grail and Knight’s Templar treasure.   What remains is only the puzzle “Et in Arcadia Ego”, which thousands of researchers and fans of the Holy Grail mysteries have tried to solved. 

After six years research D.A. Hodgson, art historian by night, investigative researcher by day, found the solution to the Et In Arcadia Ego in San Francisco, California.  “The answer to the puzzle came to me gradually, over a year or more, while making ongoing studies of coded art by old masters at the Legion of Honor museum” describes D.A. Hodgson.  “One day it all fell into place and made sense with cross referencing to support it.”

"Et In Arcadia, the painting and message actually tell a lot about the Jesus family. These paintings were inspired by ancient secret society secrets of the Masons.  True Masons are all scholars of classical mythology and allegory, as well as political history, and hand crafts, arts, architecture.

As an initiate it takes a least 5 years of full time study and independent research to grasp the basics. Easier if you have had childhood pre training, as some of us from old noble families did. Some of my mentors and grandmasters have been researching 50 years and more.

The Masons have been around since long before the Bible, and have always been well organized.  The Jesus family were high royals and very wealthy, their relics have been cared for to this day.  If read in allegory this painting tells us who they were and a guide map to where some of their relics, or graves, might be.

It has been difficult to wrap my head around, because what it says is not what Hollywood and post 19th century history books tell us. There was a complete rewrite of school history books then. The publisher responsible was owned by the Rothschild family, founders and owners of the centralized banks then and today, who were responsible for annexing the area we now know as Israel.

For me it made sense, because I was never taught Jesus was Hebrew. I was taught he was Christian  and converted the Hebrews. My family has built churches for centuries in multiple countries. "

D.A.Hodgson’s research is available in an affordable art filled e-book on Mary Magdalene with the Et in Arcadia Ego solution. It also tells of Mary being married to Jesus and new information about their children.   The photos and artworks in the book are shot and created and the book researched and authored in Haight Ashbury San Francisco. 

D.A. Hodgson also produced a beautiful documentary short on San Francisco’s coded history and real life links to the Holy Grail legends.

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