Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Modern Coded Art The Grail Story Preserved

 By Russian Artist Andre Remnev, titled "Expulsion From Paradise" with overt Grail symbology. I wonder if the artist knows about the  hidden Grail stories. 

I'm finding many modern folks using the symbols, but not knowing what they mean.  This is both weird and amazing, as it preserves the story without the teller realizing they are telling it. And it is not just paintings, but also architecture, poetry, events, city layouts, street names, and decorations on buildings. 

For example, everyday people see a lilly. I see Mary Magdalene and her and Jesus' ancestors and descendants.  The serpent of the Garden of Eden, the serpent of knowledge and people's misunderstanding of it. 

A mirror is a reflection of life, but not real. A mirror symbolizes a story hidden and and fake story being told. In this context it would be a fake story about the Garden of Eden. The Bible's last major rewrite was the Reformation about 500 years ago. 

On the dress in this picture is  a leafy background. Many leaves, like the many stories that make up the Grail story.... Here and there the leaves clump or stack together into layered petaled flowers. Similar to Chrysanthemums, which symbolize a very ancient part of the Grail bloodline, before the Biblical flood. 

The Egyptian beehive head dress remembers Jesus and Mary Magdalene being Egyptian royals of an ancient high ranking line. 

Other examples of Grail symbology being used without the designers knowing what it means can be found in Burning Man. In the site design and their event rituals, such as Critical Tits and Lamp Lighting relate to the worship of Venus and Diana.  

The layout of Burning Man gets Geomancy scholars all hot with excitement. But I've talked with Andrew Johnson who designs the man himself and the designers of Burning man had no idea there was a history of symbology to their design. The scholars are in disbelief and think there is a conspiracy, but I don't. 

I've seen so many examples of Grail symbology being used, simply because folks think it is hip or simply practical, that it makes total sense. Yet it's still weird and amazing that a story can preserve itself in secret in this way.