Sunday, November 22, 2015

Keeper of Secrets

Sometimes an art work can be many artworks and many stories in one. What we think is mundane, after deciphering becomes amazing.  This painting was posted in one our our discussion groups with a request for me to decode it.

Green curtains revealing Jesus posed as Apollo, deification. Green is a bunch of codes that can mean many things depending on context. Curtains reveal or hide a secret. Interestingly at the base of the pillar "Confidenter", loosely translated as a "keeper of secrets". Stating that there are secrets hidden in this artwork.

The dog is also a keeper of secrets and the code name of a special person (keep for when I eventually publish, it took years to decipher, coded under multiple layers) Pillars are Masonic for certain people as well, need the heads of the pillars to identify them specifically.

 This painting is featuring the base of pillars, the basis of something, so is talking about Jesus ancestry. The books and statuary are saying to study the classics. The tassel on the cushion of the chair means that the person sitting on it is a noble, royal blood. The chair is coded, will take more time to study. The reliquary painting is very intriguing, I've not seen it before, a new clue.

Check statues in the background, Jesus figure lifting robe above knee. (angel in church) Capuchin Monks were keepers of religious secrets. Items in mirror, two disembodied hands, feet and a heart. Hands and feet have holes from crucifixion. Classics maybe referring to the Dead Sea Scrolls and Naghamadi texts? Man seated above lion refers to secret Gospel of Thomas.

 Apollo and a Greek pillar would point to Greek classics, no? Need super high res, I think there are things in the dark background behind Jesus. The frame of the painting in the painting is a sacred Vagina, very ancient Pagan, the Sheela Na Gig (my ancestors ancient noble family, princes). It's telling us that Jesus was a high royal. The center is the crowning baby's head. Scroll, spiral, swirl, cherub.

This painting is also saying that Jesus was not Jewish. It is telling us his family name and that he has ancestors on multiple continents, very famous people in legend and in history. This painting can tell a book or two.

 Jesus bent knee should be the right knee, yes? Possible the original painting is reversed, like in a mirror, which would make more sense as a coded work.

The dog is in the design at the base of the pillar, need high res to see it. In the first code layer it symbolizes there is a "secret" about Jesus' ancestry, the pillar's base. It is also something else, but for another time.

 The "lion underfoot" of the older man in this context symbolizes a high king, a king who rules over other kings. His left knee is also bent, which again makes me suspect this is not the original orientation of the artwork, or it is a code for something.

 His left toe points to a small book half hidden under a curtain. So we are looking for a small book, not a big book, such as a chapter of the Bible.

Artist is David Teniers, the younger. Teniers, David, II. 1610-1690, title of artwork Portrait of Bishop Antonius Triest and His Brother Eugene, a Capuchin. Created in Flanders, 1652 A.D.