Thursday, September 3, 2015

Roman Soldiers and Beautiful Women

A photo blog. I revisited the Legion of Honor museum in San Francisco the other day. Took lots of photos..... A detail of a painting of a girl lifting a blue curtain and holding a mask. Oil on canvas. To me it represents unveiling or unmasking a secret.  In this context it would be unveiling women in the Holy Grail legends, as well as classical mythology.   There are codes in every color, as well as the symbology of the mask and even the way the hand and fingers are positioned.   The draping of the cloth can also by symbolic, rose for a secret, wings for an angel, a knot for marriage.  But look at the mask, it is a man's mask, why? Was there a very famous man, who in real life was a woman?

Have you heard the phrase 'Doubting Thomas'? It relates to when Jesus was resurrected or survived his crucifixion. Thomas, in real life Jesus' brother, refused to believe Jesus was resurrected or alive until he had seen Jesus in person and touched his wounds. But is is also a coded message that Jesus survived his crucifixion.  Enamel on copper. 

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas” Workshop Of Lionard Limosin, ca. 1570, Enamel On Copper, France,  Accession 75.18.85. Credit Line: Mr. and Mrs. E. John Magnin Gift 

This is a cute perspective study of a Roman marble soldier bust peering at a naked bronze woman. With a possibly coded mary Magdalene and her three children, or coded Virgin Mary with her with triplets looking on. I get a vibe that it's the latter.   Also in the wood cabinet behind the naked bronze woman are Green Men, Pans, and Goddesses observing the scene.  

Many folks don't know this but Alma Charlotte de Corduroy de Bretteville Spreckels, the woman who raised the funds to build the museum and others, really was from a noble family. Most people say Alma came from a low class family, but they were poor, that doesn't mean they didn't have breeding.  People mistake money for class. 

In Europe it's blood rank that defines class, aka who is your daddy?  If you walk around the outside of Legion of Honor you will see old trees with plaques on them.  The last names say De France. This means they are the legal heirs to the throne of France. They would not do that unless Alma had genuine blood rank. 

Real French are total snobs, and proud of it. There's a reason for that, to do with the legends of the Holy Grail.  And there's a whole bunch of clues built into San Francisco. Not just artwork in a museum, but actually coded into the streets and architecture of hundreds of old buildings.   Quite fascinating. I'm working on a couple of books and documentaries about it. Have been researching it for 5 years now. B-)

Details on the artists later. It has inspired me to work on a photo book, to make it easier to show people what I see. 

Photos by Deborah Hodgson at the Legion of Honor Museum San Francisco, August 1 2015.

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