Thursday, September 10, 2015

Visual Human History Hidden in Code

Wood armoire on display at Legion of Honor Museum San Francisco
 photo by Deborah Hodgson August 1 2015

Human knowledge is not always upfront, for every visible knowledge stream there are ten or more streams that are invisible.  For example private research groups or secret societies of scholars, such as the Re Raphaelites or the original Illuminati, Ordo Bucintoro, or the Vril Society, Masons, or the Essenes 2000 years ago. Right at this moment and for the past several centuries the general public have been taught a false history of the world.  The only people that know about it are hands on researchers like myself and these secret societies. 

In this wooden armoire there is a strange mixture of styles, Pagan green men, Celtic filigree, geometric Roman columns and architecture.  Superb workmanship, but it does not make sense design wise.  What it does and is designed to do is tell a story of the rebuilding of civilization after the Biblical Flood.

The marquetry in the desktop below tells a story in a hidden language.  The language was created before there were written words as we know them. This story has a timeline, the goldfinch represents Jesus, the beak pointing to a specific point in the timeline.

 Something changed the world then, it was the abolition of blood sacrifices. The scallop shells represent his Apostles spreading his word of Love.  The filigree vines are his bloodline before and after his lifetime. Each and every shape, flower, object, and detail speak volumes. 

Marquetry desk on display at Legion of Honor Museum San Francisco
 photo by Deborah Hodgson August 1 2015

The leafy filigree represents the chrysanthemum flower a very ancient heraldry symbol for a very ancient royal family.  Above the goldfinch is a stylized chrysanthemum.   This symbol goes back into the ice ages, according to ancient religious beliefs. 

The chrysanthemum is still used as the heraldry symbol for the royal family of Japan. The religious myths of Japan and India and South America, as well as ancient Greece, Iran, and Egypt contain ancient records of a pre-flood civilization.  Not myth, but fact according to recent underwater archeological finds.  This piece of marquetry tells quite a book more, too much for me to write here 

I am an art historian and symbologist and part of a world wide network of college educated specialist researchers, including many scientists.  This history is actually in front of our eyes, coded into mythology, architecture, city street layouts, monuments, family histories, and of course fine art. But since the Reformation most people have lost the skill to read this particular language.  Dec 21 2012 a time lock was released about certain information. 

Certain researchers including myself were contacted, after we'd been kind of screened without knowing it.  The rest we had to study and workout for ourselves the past few years, as the initiation. If you know what I'm talking about please note I am an initiate of a dynastic French Essene order that is over 2000 years old, my other grand masters are Dragon Court, and Italian Black Nobility.

I have permission to speak about most of what I learned, and to write and publish.  I believe the purpose is to teach the world how to relearn this language so they can find the truth for themselves. It has been a strange journey, so far of about 5 years. 

 Many times certain items of information made me feel like I was losing my mind, such as the real lineage of Jesus and that he really did have kids.  If you feel this too hang in there and keep researching, once you have more of the story and talk to others who know it subsides.  

Deborah Hodgson

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Roman Soldiers and Beautiful Women

A photo blog. I revisited the Legion of Honor museum in San Francisco the other day. Took lots of photos..... A detail of a painting of a girl lifting a blue curtain and holding a mask. Oil on canvas. To me it represents unveiling or unmasking a secret.  In this context it would be unveiling women in the Holy Grail legends, as well as classical mythology.   There are codes in every color, as well as the symbology of the mask and even the way the hand and fingers are positioned.   The draping of the cloth can also by symbolic, rose for a secret, wings for an angel, a knot for marriage.  But look at the mask, it is a man's mask, why? Was there a very famous man, who in real life was a woman?

Have you heard the phrase 'Doubting Thomas'? It relates to when Jesus was resurrected or survived his crucifixion. Thomas, in real life Jesus' brother, refused to believe Jesus was resurrected or alive until he had seen Jesus in person and touched his wounds. But is is also a coded message that Jesus survived his crucifixion.  Enamel on copper. 

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas” Workshop Of Lionard Limosin, ca. 1570, Enamel On Copper, France,  Accession 75.18.85. Credit Line: Mr. and Mrs. E. John Magnin Gift 

This is a cute perspective study of a Roman marble soldier bust peering at a naked bronze woman. With a possibly coded mary Magdalene and her three children, or coded Virgin Mary with her with triplets looking on. I get a vibe that it's the latter.   Also in the wood cabinet behind the naked bronze woman are Green Men, Pans, and Goddesses observing the scene.  

Many folks don't know this but Alma Charlotte de Corduroy de Bretteville Spreckels, the woman who raised the funds to build the museum and others, really was from a noble family. Most people say Alma came from a low class family, but they were poor, that doesn't mean they didn't have breeding.  People mistake money for class. 

In Europe it's blood rank that defines class, aka who is your daddy?  If you walk around the outside of Legion of Honor you will see old trees with plaques on them.  The last names say De France. This means they are the legal heirs to the throne of France. They would not do that unless Alma had genuine blood rank. 

Real French are total snobs, and proud of it. There's a reason for that, to do with the legends of the Holy Grail.  And there's a whole bunch of clues built into San Francisco. Not just artwork in a museum, but actually coded into the streets and architecture of hundreds of old buildings.   Quite fascinating. I'm working on a couple of books and documentaries about it. Have been researching it for 5 years now. B-)

Details on the artists later. It has inspired me to work on a photo book, to make it easier to show people what I see. 

Photos by Deborah Hodgson at the Legion of Honor Museum San Francisco, August 1 2015.

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