Saturday, August 1, 2015

Misunderstood Symbols The Swastika

In the mid 20h century a misguided bunch of children in adult bodies urged another bunch of misguided children in adult bodies to persecute another bunch of people and commit war.  You know the story, so I will skip those details. These misguided children in adult bodies used a certain ancient symbol of happiness as their emblem, or logo for evil deeds.

The Swastika is a solar cross with perpendicular rays, or a cross within a circle.  It is usually attributed to India, but the oldest so far has been found in Europe on bronze age artifacts from 10,000 B.C. before the Ice Age Melt.  In fact the swastika can be found all over ancient Europe and North Africa, as well as ancient cultures around the world, including the Native American Indians..

The Swastika appears on the walls of Christian catacombs in Rome, near the words Zotiko Zotico, Life of Life.  It can also be found in various other Christian churches around the world.  As a solar cross it represents the Sun and a universal deity found on every continent somewhere in history.   It was a symbol of the the Norse God Odin and to Greeks a symbol linking Heaven and Earth.

More obscure legends say represents an ultra ancient global ruling monarchy, who had genuine thaumaturgical powers and were deified as gods, and their descendants walk among us today.   In European coded art works I'm finding, the story goes that these were the descendants of Cain who were written out of the Bible. I'm currently in production of a documentary about this.

This is a short 4 minute video, by another film maker, about the culture art history of the swastika in Europe found on archeological artifacts.  WARNING: after digging a little further I found that the person who posted the original video and some of the people who posted images have questionable political beliefs. I do not share their beliefs.  But the visual art history information in the video and images about the swastika are correct.

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