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Angels Somewhere In Between Reality, Fantasy, and Theory is Etymology

Have you ever thought of a word as a piece of art with a history?

Every now and then something in my research is a kind of reality quaking big holy magic wow. So big holy wow it takes me a couple of months to get back to grips with reality and get perspective on the information. Over the years I’ve gotten better with it, but a month ago it happened again, hence my lapse in blogging. I was too holy wowed to put it into words. 

Decoding allegory is kind of an allegory in itself for theoretical physics. Something that can be explained with theory, but it can’t always be proven.  And there is no particle accelerator for allegory.  The nearest thing a researcher can come to, as a particle accelerator for allegory, is discussion with other researchers. 

About a month ago in our discussion group we were talking about Christian Mysticism and Christian Cabala. One of the researchers was explaining the Tree of Life and came to the name Hod.  I had a sudden jolt, as a whole bunch of other research information floating around in my semi-subconscious mind suddenly clicked into a wild and far out theory. 

I had been tracking the name Hod in etymology for the name Hodgson, my maiden name. Over the years, seemingly unconnected, folks here and there have said Hodgson an old and special name. I had tracked it to a son of Odin, not the god, a Viking High King, and his wife Freya, in the first half of the first millennia A.D.

Hod was the fourth son of Odin Freya and a high prince.   The line became knights and had saved a king his crown and given lands and title with the heraldry shield.  The Hodgson heraldry shield has 3 footless martlets and an upright chevron, with a motto that means something like “Serve the Suffering.” There are a lot of theories and opinions about the footless martlets being footless. 

If I look at my family, centuries ago they were explorers, pioneers, and adventurers. Today my family generally like to travel and try new things, at least here and there, and invent and create things. But my grandfather was always traveling or starting new businesses, and my dad always has projects, such as restoring steam engines and antique vehicles. So my theory would be that the martlets are restless, like a bird without feet, never fully able to land and hold the ground or a perch. 

But then I found the name Hod went further back to 1000 B.C. and another Odin and Freya. They would have been deified and godlike stories composed about them, as was the custom for high royals of that era. Chariots drawn by cats, stolen golden nuts, gods that can change into falcons, these are the legends of Odin and Freya. But that’s not the only Hod. 

About a month ago I found out there are even older legends or people with the name Hod, the oldest are on the Tree of Life. Hod is the other name for Archangel Michael from the Bible. The theory part is that my family are descended from Archangel Michael. But just thinking of such a theory, even involuntarily, in my head is mind blowing. “OMG, eek, oh dear ... I’ve got a God complexity. Can someone recommend a therapist?”

I backed away from the computer. I tried to carry on as normal for a week or so.  But it was lurking there in my mind, up front and brazen, daring me to think about it.  I did what I often do to escape thinking about something, I put the files on the side of my desktop and started a new project. 

 I produced a 7 something minute vid about coded art collections housed in San Francisco.  Gradually I came to terms with the theory, while gripping the ground, that my family descended from ArchAngel Michael, in theory.   Then I started taking the theory thought seriously, for the sake of research, as a mental exercise.

“What if I were a descendant of Archangel Michael. After seeing everything going on in the world today and history, how would I feel about it?”  I realized wasn’t sure how to answer that, apart from “OMG, eek, oh dear”, so I began notes on another project to think on it. 

I started researching a documentary on a friend who lived in Haight Ashbury in the 1960’s, and started a storyboard and script for it.  It charts the Haight as a tourist attraction since the 1800’s, and people behind the Summer of Love and it’s music and politics.  About 7 something minutes so far.

I started feeling more grounded with the angel theory, in theory.  I watched documentaries and workshop videos about angels for cross referencing. To see if there was a connection between their angels and real angels. I began to realize something else.

What I realized was that much of the guardian angel workshops have it wrong and are teaching misinformation that is damaging to angels, if angels are real.   They teach people to pray to angels, which in fact drain the angels’ energies, causing the angels harm. 

What they should be doing is praying for the angels to give the angels energy to be able to help.  Sending the angels love and light, abundance, and healing prayers to help the angels be stronger, so that the angels can do what they are supposed to do. 

The word ‘angel’ comes from the Greek term ‘angelus’, ‘messenger’. Literally meaning that angels only deliver the message, they don’t create the message. Creating the message is God’s job. It is God, and the Goddess Mother Earth, we should pray to to help the angels help us. 

I think that these workshop teachers don’t know or don’t believe that angels actually exist, they think they do, and say they do for a profit, but it can be seen in what they teach. Guardian Angel workshops teach people that angels are gods, mythical beings, and to pray to them as idols.  But angels are really flesh and blood, human, but with a few extra gifts from God to help them help humans and the planet. 

 Angels are not Gods, and it is blasphemy to idolize or worship or pray to anybody, but God or the Goddess Mother Earth. Why these workshops are frauds, is to do with energy transference.

In quantum physics an electron only does something when it’s being looked at. The mental attention given to the electron is energy. This energy is transferred to the electron when the mental attention is focused on the electron.  This is how prayer works. 

In studies at the University of San Francisco, California, they did tests with asking groups of people to pray for certain people who were ill in hospital.  Their results clearly showed that people praying for other people can actually help heal that person.  More so if the person being healed knows about it.  

Every human has E.S.P. we are just not taught to use it anymore. When we pray it has real effects. But what we get for our prayers depends on who to, how, and what we pray for.  Whenever something is given, it is taken from somewhere else.  

The way people are praying to angels right now is draining the angels of their energy, so they can’t help anybody, including the people praying to them.   Whatever help the human gains from the angel is very small compared to if the angel were being given energy, instead of being drained of energy.   This is because the energy transference is imbalanced and channeled the wrong way. Anybody properly educated and initiated in the healing hands art of Reiki will understand this concept. 

The Kings and Queens of old were deified to be prayed for by the people, to give these monarchs, who didn't have a choice in being monarchs, the energy to look after and help their people. It is energy transference with balance, give and take. We have been taught to forget why Kings and Queens were deified in the ancient world, or given luxury lifestyles in the modern world.  

We have been taught to not believe in real angels or magic or E.S.P. or elves or royalty, or how to pray properly.  Angels are intermediaries for God, they carry out God’s will, they do not make choices or give or take without God’s will. Going to the angel is like going to a gas station or oil refinery, it has limited supply and has to be refilled. But if you to the oil well, it will continually fill your tank. 

When everybody is praying to angels and not to God or the Goddess, the angels are drained of power to help. This because humans have closed off their minds to God and the Goddess, closing off energy gas tank refills to the angels.  

To put it in a nutshell, stop praying to the angels, and start praying for the angels to God, or Allah, or Buddah, Mother Earth, or Existence etc.. To give the angels energy, health, abundance, harmony, to help you and Mother Earth, the planet you live on who co-created you with God., etc..  

 When people start praying to God and the Goddess to send the angels health, abundance, harmony, healing, and happiness,  the hundreds of millions of angels that walk among us today will have energy to really help. You will see results world wide, as well as within you.

And the flying? From researching a lot of ancient folklore, it seems that there were advanced civilizations before the last ice age melt that had flight technology. This is according to legend and temple artwork, but some scientists and researchers say it could be true, in theory.

To put it in a simple reality, Angels are everyday people who like helping people and have helpful gifts. The person who starts a non-profit for a cause, or holds a door open for mom with kids, or saves a forrest from logging. They carry out God's will, they are not God. Pray for them, not to them.

From a theoretical descendant of Archangel Michael, in theory :-) 

(The images are free wallpapers and screen savers of Gothic Angels from around the web. I also love comic books and anime as art forms.)


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