Thursday, April 9, 2015

Triple Goddess in All of Us

My research takes me into all sorts of belief systems, and the three women resemble the triple goddess. Three Bridgets, three Marys, three rabbits (an ancient puzzle), Holy Trinity, three Crones, three Muses, three Graces, three wise men, three wishes, three days to resurrection, 3 x 3 Pagan blessing and Karma, Enoch's triangle, Jesus prayed three times in the garden before his ordeal, Euclid's triangle, and 3 is also an angels number, to name a few.

What is Existence or God Goddess trying to tell us with the number 3? 3 is a good number for a management or guiding committee, easier to achieve consensus. Well yes, but maybe it is something more than that or as well as that.  Each of us have multiple ways of looking at things, we choose to look at something from a certain angle or perspective.  People also see us according to the perspective they choose. Each of us can change the angle of the perspective we look through, by changing the way we think about what we are looking at, and then something magical happens.

When we look at something from multiple perspectives, good and bad and null, we begin to see new things and have new thoughts and feelings. This develops our brains and mental capacity, as well as our compassion and understanding for others, opening yet more perspectives to look through. This helps us think and find solutions to bigger and bigger problems.

Spooky Me, self portrait by Deborah Hodgson, San Francisco USA, 2015, medium digital photo.

 Artist Statement: This is a real photo, taken in 2012 ,no photoshop except ramping up the exposure and warmth to balance washout. To me it is weird and interesting, as it looks like three different women. In some of my religious research and subjects, photos of oneself is profane, and I'm naturally nervous in front of cameras. But I am also a visual artist and occasionally like to creatively and philosophically and sometimes directly look my fears in the face; pun or no pun.

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