Thursday, March 19, 2015

I decode puzzles...

I decode puzzles ...

In 2010 I started noticing odd patterns repeated in old masters' art works. Small everyday items in common in repeated hundreds of works by different artists, and realized that they were symbols. The first batch of symbols were Christian saints, such as the oil bottle and jar for Mary Magdalen, the eagle for John the Apostle, Saint Catherine for the wheel. Then I started noticing  other repeating symbols, pearls, roses, urns, knots, lilies and others.

My curiosity and activated was focused on researching the meanings that the symbols represented . One by one Revealed They Themselves and then I found more than one layer of interpretation. After interpreting Reviews another layer one layer Would peak through and I Would have to repeat the research process. After two years the old master's artwork started telling bits and pieces of hidden stories, four years after-the artworks are telling me chapters of whole epic sagas.

I was assisted by several people around the world, who hAd ancient family and religious order knowledge dating back to the time of Jesus and before That. They considered me as a distant cousin and began telling me what I was.  That finding in my research in words to the effect of that It was in my blood to find it. This was a little too Twilight Zone for me and I kept my distance, kept it with my research.

After reading many scientific studies as well as myths and legends and ancient initiation rites, and experiencing hands on ancient living cultures around the world, I now know They are right.

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